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"My blushing stops me from living a normal life"

Hello Ayal

I recently visited your web site and was very impressed with some of the problems that you have dealt with. Thus, I am contacting you for help with a specific problem that I have.

The problem is emotional and it is blushing. I really do suffer with this problem and it actually stops me from living a normal life. My personality isn't really shy, I am quite outgoing, but my blushing stops me from revealing my personality and expressing feelings. I am very self-conscious and get easily embarrassed.

I have suffered this problem for many years, it first arose when I was about 10 years old? and I have suffered with it since then. I am now 17 years of age, almost 18 years old and haven't really had any friends because of this problem. I haven't had a social life - because this problem really stops me.

I am in the process of counselling / hypnosis which has helped very slightly, and given me a little bit more confidence, but the problem is still there. I am at college at the moment and other students in my lectures always like to point out the fact that I am blushing which actually reinforces my blushing. I really need to get over this problem, which is why I am asking for you help.

I am in the UK (England) and I wondered whether there were any visualizations, flower essences, herbal remedies etc. which could help or other methods i.e. shamanic extraction, soul retrieval and energy work. Many of these methods I have read about on your web site.

I would be really grateful for any help you could offer me, because I am running out of options. Thank you very much.


Thank you for writing and sharing with me. Upon asking what is going on here, this is what I got. This issue has to do with your masculine energy. There are feelings going on of being too defenseless, as well as feelings of sadness, of being deprived of something. I think your blushing is a pattern that developed due to feeling exposed and defenseless. Do you get a sense of where that came from and/or what that could be?

Also, doing some breathwork sessions would be helpful to find and release these feelings. Stanislav Grof and his breathwork facilitators offer breathwork all over the world. Very powerful work. I invite you to pursue it. There is also an aurosoma product that will help. It is the ruby red essence which carries the Christ ray. It is good for re-energizing and protection. If you look up aurasoma on the Internet, you will be able to get information on how to use it and how to order it.

Again, thank you for having the courage to go after what you need.

Best wishes, Ayal

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