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"Mold in our house, that we can smell but not find, is making us ill"


Both my daughter and I live in a condo with a moisture/mold problem that we are trying to fix. We both are extremely tired and depressed all the time. My daughter recently was hospitalized for with a stomach problem and then told her she had fibromyalsia. I also have fibromyalsia since we moved here last year. I wish I could afford to move, as I feel this house has bad karma... but I cannot because of money. I can no longer work and my daughter is missing school because of her sickness.

How do I turn all this around? How can we get rid of this negativity and get well? I have had our air quality tested, and have had mold experts here, but they cannot find the source of the musty smell in our house yet.

Please help. We are both so sad and ill.

Thank you


Hi. Well, I'm getting that there definitely IS mold in your space - that can do a number on your immune system, as you have recounted. I think that there are a couple of levels that we can approach this from.

First, do you have rugs or carpet where you live? I get that that's where the mold is. Get in touch with someone who can kill the mold there.

Secondly, do a white light meditation where you surround and fill your whole environment in white light, and ask Spirit to release and dissipate any negative energy on any level there.

Next, and this is very important for you - you need to open your heart. That is what's keeping you stuck and unhappy and lacking in abundance. To open your heart, bring your hands together at the bottom of the palms with thumbs and pinkies touching the thumb and pinkie of the other hand, to make a cupped shape. Your other fingers are out. Place this over your heart, and breathe and meditate for a few minutes. See if you can go into your heart with your mind - imagine a door at the center of your heart that you enter int. See what its like in there: look around and feel it and get in touch with the energy of your heart and ask it what it needs and/or what it needs to tell you. Just be present with the energy of your heart for a while. I'd do this twice a day for10 days. To help support your heart on the physical level, take the Essential Oils Formula - a vita nutrient supplement for the heart.

There is Resentment and Guilt that you need to release. This will help you very much and make way for abundance. Here is a technique to release old energy patterns: First, think of what you choose to release. Take off all jewelry. Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, and then imagine the most spiritual being you can think of, such as Christ or Buddha or Krishna, etc, right. there with you. Feel the love this spiritual being reflects back to you. Feel their love and recognize that place of love inside of you Light a candle to represent the essence of this spiritual being. Keep staring at the flame as you release all of your old thoughts, feelings, and programs that you have chosen to let go of. Allow those things that you are afraid of, or have an issue with, to flow through you. You can state what you are releasing out loud, or do it silently. Remember, it is your intention and willingness to clear yourself which is most important.

This is good for your daughter to do as well.

Your 2nd chakra needs healing. Read about this in Caroline Myss's book,'Anatomy of the Spirit', and you can also read an article on the chakras found listed at the end of the home page on this site.

For your Daughter - she needs to eat 2 pink grapefruits a day for about 3 weeks - it's a good antioxidant. She also needs to eat tomatoes for lycopene, which works best in the body when eaten with olive oil or cheese. I'd say 2 tomatoes a day for 2 months.

Also, your daughter has an issue called Incomplete Bonding - that means that at birth she did not bond with you as she needed to. It would be good for her to sit in meditation, and go back to the time of her birth, and visualize you holding her and loving her as soon as she came out of the womb for as long as necessary until she feels complete with this. She may need to do this twice. As you open your heart, the more love from this point on that you can share with her in a clear, non-possessive, demanding, or needy way, would be great to do. You can beam pink light at her throughout the day.

Also, she is needing alone time.

Your daughter tends to have Morbid Thoughts - so learning to live in a state of positive thought forms and trusting the universe, filling her being with love and light is very important for her to do, on a daily basis as needed. You can do this as well. Living in a state of Gratitude, where you give thanks for what you have and you recognize with gratitude what you accomplish on your lives in very important for both of you to begin doing on a minute to minute basis. What you praise increases.

Also - Remember: No one creates your reality but you.

Two other things will help you both. One is the following prayer:

"Mother - Father God and Holy Spirit -Assist me by directing ---------frequencies in this field to the God consciousness. Replace these energies with God's perfect Love energies. Thank you."
In the blank, put in whatever issues or physical troubles you want to release, whatever you have going on for you.

The other is a techniques from Ken Page's website. Look up his info on the Living Light Breath at and practice that twice a day for 3 weeks.

Blessings, Ayal

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