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"My boyfriend coughs every morning and I have severe allergic symptoms"

Dear Ayal,

I have read through some of your letters and it's clear you have a beautiful gift. I think it is so wonderful how you share it with all of us. My question concerns both my boyfriend and me. I am 25 he's 30. For the last couple of months he has had this cough that happens every morning mixed with violent sneezing and allergic symptoms. They clear up through the day. The cough seemed to begin its "on again off again" relationship with him after the death of his father five years ago. The cough sounds all wheezy in his chest, it's a real bother to him every single morning. As for myself I've had these horrible allergies. I think they started pretty early on in life, but they've gotten really extreme in the last five or six years. Except this one year, when I was 23, they magically went away for the whole year and I was so delighted I can't even express what a difference it was. My twin also has these horrible allergies. We are always congested with heavy fuzzy heads and allergic shiners under the eyes. I wonder if you could help us all start feeling better.


Hi - well, there's a lot going on here for you regarding these allergies and congestion, that has to do with the father. The way allergies work is that if you are around a traumatic or upset energy... say you're at the dinner table eating corn, and your father yells at you, your mind will associate the corn with the upset, and you become allergic to it. Or if you have an issue up that matches the energetic vibration of a particular thing, such as a plant or animal, you will need to find out what the gift is of that particular thing, and then offer it to yourself. For instance,. The buckeye tree teaches the lesson of self worth and nurturing oneself. If you do not do that for yourself, you may well become allergic to the buckeye tree. When the body is in emotional stress, the nervous system gets weakened, which allows allergies to develop.

But, at any rate, to heal from this, you need to see the whole picture. You need to cut the cords you have that are binding you to your father. (Read the article on this listed at the end of the home page.) From the info I got, it seems that your father placed a lot of blame and guilt and shame onto you and your twin. Consequently, you did not feel safe or secure, and had a lot of anxiety in your space. Your father apparently had a lack of sympathy for you, and never recognized you for your achievements or for who you are. The lungs deal with grief, (congestion in the chest) and an issue showed up for you of "missing someone terribly". I think this may relate once again to the father. It definitely sounds as if he was not there for you. Due to this, you have an issue of emotional dependency going on that you need to transform. \

You can't get your self esteem or recognition from anyone else. You have to be able to give it to yourself. I invite you to Acknowledge who you are and your Results and Accomplishments with gratitude and generosity to yourself. We are all born to manifest the Glory of God. It's important for you to remember this and allow yourself to be all that you are.

Also, you must begin to Speak your Truth to others. Not blaming others, but speaking how you feel about what may be going on. That way you take care of and love yourself.

There is a hole in your aura from all of this that you need to repair. To do this, hold your arms out straight to the sides, with fingers open. Make little circles in reverse motion for 1 minute. When you are finished, bring your fingertips together and bring your arms and hands to your shoulders for a few seconds. I'd do this 3 times over a period of a week.

As you do this work, you will be Helping your Ancestors heal these issues as well, energetically.

It would also be good for you to take Chromium as a dietary supplement.

Interesting that your boyfriend's allergies started with the death of HIS father. There's the mirror for you both, as you are both dealing with basically the same issue. Your boyfriend needs to be able to embrace all of what his father was - but, even more than that, he has to embrace all of HIMSELF, to see his soul beyond the issues that were or are there, and to resolve any unfinished business he had with his dad. As he moves into self love and acceptance, the allergies ought to clear up.

Blessings, Ayal

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