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"I feel nervous when I see spirits or know what will happen in advance"

Dear Ayal

Please can you help me every now and then I can see faces or something happens but before it does I know about it and I feel really nervous about contact with the other side and when I do see a spirit I have a headache on the left side of my head. Please can you tell me why I can see these faces and objects?


Well, this is an ability, or a gift. What you need to do is get some training from someone of a very high and clear vibration, a teacher who can lead you through this. It can be scary at first when the world we're used to opens up, and we realize that there is a lot more to this life and universe then we ever imagined. But, like learning to use any tool in life, we need to hone it and develop it and learn to use it wisely. I invite you to ask Spirit to send you a wise, clear teacher of the highest vibration of unconditional love to help you understand this gift.

By the way - it isn't "the other side." It's ALL ONE - just as there are colors in the aura that some people see, or sounds that we can't hear that other animals can - they are there nonetheless. We just haven't evolved enough yet in that area to see or hear them. but, they are happening all the same, in the same time in the same space as what we DO hear or see. It's no different - just another wavelength of energy, as colors vary or sounds vary in wavelength. The universe is like a great web of life, with glowing strands connecting us all. For you, this is simply another opportunity to get beyond fear and open to new possibilities - to evolve in depth and understanding.

Blessings, Ayal

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