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"I live with constant pain in my jaw"


I have been treated for TMJ unsuccessfully with a mouth piece from a dentist and physical therapy from a pain management clinic....not at the same time. I have continual pain on the left side of my body...left shoulder, neck, jaw and most recently hip, gut and down the leg. I have tried multiple treatments over the past 5 years with little to no success. I've been to osteopaths, massage therapists, physicians, dentists, touch name it, I've done it. The pain isn't enough to stop my daily activity but is a definite problem. I am only 26 and am wondering if there is any hope to rid myself of this problem. I found your web site when looking up fibromyalsia on the dentist mentioned that I may have that but from what I've read the people with this disease seem well, a little pain isn't that horrible...just constant.

Do you have any suggestions?


Hi - Sounds as if you have gone through quite a lot. I know what it is like to be in pain. Hopefully we will find something to release it. As I ask my guidance what is going on here, the answer came that it is the need to confront - and it has to do with a child. I am assuming it means a need to confront something that pertains to your own inner child. It also said that there is a need to find your own space. There is some powerful anger that you need to confront that you are feeling - usually when we are enraged we tightly and often unconsciously clench our jaw, which could lead to TMJ. And, if you don't feel that you have your own right to your own space, the body could be mirroring that for you by your jaw "going out of place". Losing its place, in other words.

Something is going on regarding your ability to be honest and open in relating to others - I think that you may be holding in a great deal of anger and pain, and instead of confronting those you need to confront about it, you are holding it all in and turning it on yourself - thus the pain in your body. Also, you may need to be honest with yourself - to confront your own anger and perhaps, intolerance. When we are angry at others, it is really ourselves we are angry at. Somewhere you are judging yourself, instead of loving yourself. Can you find where that place is in you? If you can look at this and find it in yourself, and be loving and accepting of yourself, compassionate toward yourself and what you have chosen to learn on your life's journey, (which may be the need to love yourself), you will go a long way toward healing.

What you may need to find within yourself and cultivate is more compassion and tolerance - this will help you eventually understand and be at peace with others, to see that they too are still learning and growing, and may not know how to love very well yet either - and you will find peace within yourself then as well. No one is pathetic - maybe you are trying to learn compassion for others who are going through difficulties and who don't see their way out of it yet, as this is what you also are going through. Is being pathetic a fear or a judgment you carry deep down about yourself? We are all just learning. See what looking at the world with the eyes of compassion will do for you... how surprised would you be if it totally turned things around.

Self love... go for that, in its deepest form. Love sees only the highest - the brilliance and purpose of what a soul is working to learn. judgment is the lower vibrational way of living - and really, when we judge ourselves, we are truly only asking for unconditional love. That is what we really want.

Blessings to you on the journey - Ayal

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