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"How can we help ourselves to develop?"

Hi Ayal,

Is self-love and trust in one's own inner light something that just happens - or is there a practical way to support the process?


Well, this is a good question. I think learning to love ourselves is a process. I think that our Highest Self has it and always will have it, but we got tangled up in misconceptions along the way, like taking a wrong turn on a trip, and we have to find it again. It's sort of like untangling a knot. That is why there are so many self help books and techniques flooding the world - we all pretty much realize that we can have that level of self love, but we have to do some work to get there. It's kind of like learning to walk again after an accident - or like being a small child and learning to walk at all - it's part of the process that we all fall down, get up, try again, fall down again. The trick is to love ourselves even when we fall down, to love ourselves even when we get critical, to love ourselves, to be tolerant and patient, when we are clumsy and awkward. And it takes practice. We are all learning to climb up the vibrational ladder, getting to higher realms of consciousness, and it takes practice - and I think that is why it was set up that way.

We are constantly facing challenges and situations where we or someone else isn't, yet, very good at something - and so we are asked to deal with imperfection. We see it all the time, but how wonderful to be able to see something or someone as unfinished and support that person on their way - to bless them, and, trust that they are doing their very best, and lovingly smile at them and give them room to grow. We are all flowers in the process of growing and becoming what we can be. We never are finished, I think, but we continue to grow in depth and understanding as we go. Step by step we climb up. Like getting good at anything - to be a master skier or skater or gymnast, it takes many years of fine tuning the routine, learning to use certain muscles in the right way... and then we are great, we have become a master, and we start at the beginning all over again, learning something new.

So, be gentle with yourself. You are doing such great work! Do you realize how insightful you are? One way to get to love is to appreciate what already is there - to focus on what is good and great already, instead of on where you have yet to go. What you praise increases.

Love, Ayal

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