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"I don't want to take a degree and end up in a boring job after 4 years"

Hello Madam,

I think it's a MUST to ask God for help and nobody can live without our merciful God. You know, the most effective thing I've been influenced with is the way I'm thinking and seeing the graduates working environment. Well, I work in a company 3 days a week where I'm doing some computer services. Well, in my work place I'm under order of a hardware (computer) engineer. During the past days, I have seen how monotonous is his job. It's right that he has spent 4 years of his life in a university, but he is not satisfied with his job completely. He has to do, otherwise he may have to find some other job. This environment has changed my view to not attending university. When I think about the subjects of books is taught in university, I just become confused and say myself - "It's not reasonable to attempt for 4 years to take a bachelor degree and then see myself in a situation that job can not be according to my interest". You know I like to live adventuresome. I like to have enough time to go for hunting, short trips and see beautiful places, understand how calm would it be if I could live in a place with green gardens and so on... I saw with my eyes, felt with my heart and thought with my mind about the result of those old or middle old people who could not spend their lives as they wish. They were just busy of working and going to do job and come back. And that's why I think if I come into the world of industries, companies or something like that for spending my lifetime on working in an office, I would waste my time, life and would not being able to arrange my life for doing those hobbies I like to do. If I work for myself I would have enough time to decide freely and in an environment I loved to live. On the other hand, I'm thinking with my-self , how I can manage my life in this condition. This step is the one I don't know how to do. But when I want to come and begin my life in this way, I fear that I may be wrong and I may not being able to reach my favorite situation. Then it would be the time that I've wasted my life and just say myself "Oh my God, I wish I could attend the university and take my degree". I must apologize for not being able to write that much readable. Because the english words I know is not enough to help me express the concepts my thoughts.

Anyway, I wish God bless you, because you, Psychologist are different from other people and your existence is really necessary and without your help me and many people like me would not be able to choose the correct choices in their life.

I'm looking forward to hear from you.


Hello - I think that you expressed yourself very well. I know that it can be challenging to express oneself in a language that is not your first one. Thank you for your letter and for the appreciation of what I offer. That always feels very good to hear, and keeps me doing what I do.

Well, it is true that if we make the choice to take one road, we must let go of traveling another. However, I think that there are no mistakes in life. There is only learning from whatever choices we make and whatever experiences we have. If you go about making a choice with that point of view in mind, it is not frightening. We can always change our minds and make new choices if we do not find that the choice we made is giving us all that we hoped for. Again, it is not a waste of time unless one chooses to look at it that way. It could instead, be seen as a stepping stone - a necessary step you needed to have before being able then, to go on to what is next for you. In other words - seeing our choices and how life unfolds as being perfect... We learn and grow from all that we experience, and that is part of trusting God also.

Life is actually a very safe and accommodating place. We are here to experience the glory of God that is within us, each in our own way - and God, I believe, operates out of Love. God loves to see people creating wonderful experiences for themselves and growing into more and more radiant, caring, kind, and creative beings. I think that the key is to always follow your heart. If you do what you love, then the universe, or the merciful God, as you put it, will support whatever you choose to do. If, on the other hand, we try to do something from a place of fear, then our progress is usually hindered and blocked. I like to think of the love of what we do as a shining light that we beam out in front of us - that love that we feel lights up the way ahead, and makes things easy and open and clear. All things respond to that light and love, and then harmony prevails, and all falls into place in Divine Order. Fear, on the other hand is a constricting, or tightening energy that does not open the way, but makes it harder to send out that light. We can learn from fear, as well, and often we need to, but harmony comes when we trust that the God within us wants us to do what we love.

It sounds as if you love nature and the freedom and generosity that nature brings. I invite you to trust that in yourself, and allow your path to unfold in a way that includes that love as a central part of your life... you can ask to see what that path is, in prayer - what form it needs to take as a job that supports you. You can allow it to come to you, and be willing for God to unfold that path for you. When you follow what you love, as long as that love is non harming to any other being, it not only serves you, but all beings everywhere as well.

Blessings, Ayal

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