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"My sister had a stroke and now she can't walk - why did this happen?"

My sister recently had a stroke that effected her whole right side. my sister and i still cant keep from wondering why? they said her platens were sticking together. what causes that/ and why did they tell us in the hospital that she was going thru the stroke and we just had to wait? we later discovered there is a drug they can give within 3 hrs to do less damage why was she not given the drug? she is only 49 yrs old and they want to discharge her to go home and she cant even walk.


Hi. I hear your pain and distress and dismay about what your sister has gone through. Hospitals, I have found, are places where, when most people go there, they do not have very much of their own power. In a hospital, one puts oneself wholly over into the hands of others. That's the agreement, unless it is created otherwise. Nurses and doctors dictate what will happen to you and when. They see themselves as the experts, and they have their own set, bureaucratic method of doing things. However, they are only human, and will make human mistakes. Going to a hospital can be an act of trust, but it can also be a letting go of one's own power, depending upon what you yourself create. If you have lived life as a victim, then that is what you will experience. You will have an experience where it seems that someone did something wrong to you, or let you down in some way. If you live life as a creator, then that is what you will experience.

If one goes into a hospital, I believe, unless one chooses to be a victim, one has to do one's own research and find out what is going on and then take more control of what happens. One has to act from a place of personal power. Then just firmly and unequivocally state to the hospital personnel, who are there to serve YOU, that this is what is going to happen. That you want such and such to happen, and you'll accept nothing less. If you and your sister know that it is NOT time for her to leave the hospital, then create that happening. You don't have to do what the doctors say just because they say it.

I don't know what causes platens to stick - I deal with the emotional and mental and spiritual issues that cause illness. I can offer you those, if you are interested.

There are a few more things I want to share. One is, if it is too difficult for you to take on telling the hospital what you want, or dealing with what you need to deal with, then it will be good for you to find an advocate, someone who can handle that for you in the way you want them to.

Also, your sister's life has changed. I believe in alternative healing, and I always seek out other ways to heal a situation. There may be techniques or people who can work with your sister to help her heal from this.

Thirdly, you may need to find a support system to help take care of your sister if she cannot walk. If staying in the hospital does no further good, then it may be time to find someone who can offer her the care she will need at home.

Many blessings, Ayal

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