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"Why is my boyfriend so immature, threatening to leave after an argument?"

Hi, my boyfriend and I have been together for two months. He is a great boyfriend until he gets mad or we have an argument. He's always quick to scream it's over but call the next day and make up. I can't understand why he does this? He treats me so good until then. But this time I think he meant it because its been almost two days since I've heard from him. He's 26 and I'm 20 you would think he would be more mature then this. Should I worry or just let him go?


I can't tell you what to do - you have to be able to figure that one out and then follow whatever decision you make. There is no time frame on maturity - people evolve and become mature - or they don't - at their own timing. They themselves have to choose to do so, and be willing to face their own issues that cause problems in their life. If his level of immaturity does not feel good to you, and it is not something that you choose to have to deal with or want in your life, then you let it go and create being with someone who is more mature and can be in relationship without so much drama. It would also be a good thing to explore what has YOU creating this kind of drama in your life. Remember - your life is YOUR creation, so whatever is happening on the outside is a reflection of something going on for you, on the inside, as well. If you decide that his other qualities are worth being in the relationship for and outweigh the negative or uncomfortable stuff, then you continue to work on it.

Blessings, Ayal

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