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"My mum has breast cancer - can you give me some info about this?"

Please can u send me some info about breast cancer... my moms got it and i would really appreciate this.


Hello. Cancer is an illness that has to do with issues of betrayal. When a person feels deeply betrayed and has not dealt with it, but is still harboring resentment and anger, cancer will often develop. It is important, when healing cancer, to take responsibility for one's feelings and for the issues that created feelings of betrayal in one's life. We can only be betrayed if we BELIEVE that others will or have hurt us: when we believe and live life from the place of being a victim, rather than the creator of our life situations.

Often, people also have a belief that because someone else in the family had breast cancer, they, too, will get it. That is only a belief, and beliefs can be changed. We create what we believe in. It's important for your mother to let go of some karma she is carrying that has to do with issues of sexuality. When a woman develops cancer in her breasts, there are usually issues of not feeling nurtured, or of not being able to nurture others or oneself. Your mom is carrying around a lot of anxiety and nervousness, and this is a direct contribution to the development of the cancer. Stress is the main cause for illness, and stress is caused by not being in harmony. There was a particular event in your mom's life that she has not dealt with yet that she needs to face and release. It has to do with the 2nd chakra - the giving and receiving of physical, mental, and spiritual pleasure.

It would be good for her to read Caroline Myss's book, 'Anatomy of the Spirit', and to pay special attention to the information on the 2nd chakra.

Blessings, Ayal

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