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"I'm embarrassed as my drug habit has destroyed my teeth"

hi im 25 and very good looking. i used to model... ima female....i used to have a baddddd drug addiction to coke and crystal meth... many years of abuse has put my teeth looking realy bad... when i talk you cant notice really... but when i smile it sa different story... i need help bad but im so embarassed... what am i to do... i know i need fake teeth... but i want to keep the ones in the front... there kinda bad too but i can deal with them... when i go to the dentist there going to look at me like i have 3 heads... im sure they havent seen teeth like this in a 25 year old hot girl heheh... i have a boyfriend who im embarassed to show him... it will look like i was acracke head for years... i only sniffed coke and crystal... but it killed my teeth. what am i to do? is there a way where they can fix my teeth one by one... and not look like i have fake teeth? i also have no insurance... even though my man is in the marines and were not yet married... i know when i will be i will have insurance... i need help what to do


Hi. Well, it sounds as if you have a lot of shame about what you were into previously. That's what you did and were into THEN. And yes, there were consequences that you don't like now but need to deal with. We all do things that we look back on in our lives and wish we had done it differently - however, we went through those experiences in order to learn exactly that - TO DO IT differently from then on. So, you're doing your life differently now, which is wonderful - but you also have some consequences to deal with. I understand your feelings of embarrassment. The best way out of embarrassment is just to be honest. Right now you have bad teeth that need to be fixed. If you just keep right on hiding, that means you'll continue to have to live with that shame. Shame, and hiding because of it, is not a fun way to go through life. It takes a lot of energy to hide something. Once you're honest and open about it, it's over with. That takes courage. So, what if you did go into the dentist, and if they needed to know what happened to your teeth, you say: "Well, I am recovering from using drugs. I no longer use them, but I did for a while in my life, and it really destroyed my teeth. Now I need to heal this. Thank you for helping me."

What a strong, clear way to deal with things!

Your fear is what people will think of you. Being a model, and good looking, a lot of your life was based on and depended upon what people thought of you - how you looked, or appeared on the outside. If you didn't look good, you were of no use to people in your career, right? It didn't matter what went on on the inside of you, as long as you looked good. That causes life to become imbalanced. There is no inner support system, no foundation to call upon, and often then people do get into something external and damaging that they use to try and get that support. Now you are dealing with how you are from the inside out. What a wonderful lesson you have given yourself. Because you have bad teeth now, and have to deal with it, what is being required of you is inner beauty - the strength to be honest and develop qualities that go a lot deeper than just how you look on the surface. You are needing to develop honesty, and courage, depth of character - all good things.

Also, a fear of others judging you is actually you judging you. Do you do that? Judge yourself and think that you ought to be this or that? When we do that, we think it's other people judging us, but it's really our own judgment of ourselves. So, when you stop judging yourself, you won't be thinking that the rest of the world is judging you. What's important is what you think about you. So, the person you're really hiding from is yourself. If you don't reject yourself, no one else will, either. If you feel good about who you are, others will feel that from you. So - face yourself honestly. Without judgment. Bless yourself that you got out of a bad situation. See your strength - what it took to free yourself from that. And then see what needs to be done now, and do it from a place of honesty and strength. That is then what people will see in you.

So, I invite you to create the finances you need to get your teeth fixed, and just go do it. And I also invite you to live life from this place of inner strength and honesty. It will feel a lot better.

Blessings, Ayal

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