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"Fluid retention - an emotional cause?"

My husband has a fluid build up in his body what causes this?


Hello. As I am not a medical counselor, I cannot advise you on what may be the physical cause of fluid build up in your husband's body. My suggestion would be to consult with a medical practitioner. I can, however, look into this to see if there is an issue behind it that may be pertinent.

The information I received regarding your husband is that there is an issue of feeling blamed. This is an emotional issue, and he may possibly be retaining fluid as a way to puff himself up, so to speak, so that he creates a protective barrier around himself. Part of his feelings have to do with a sadness about feeling blamed, that someone is choosing to relate to him in a blaming way, and part of him may be feeling a bit gleeful that he is able to barricade himself from it.

Perhaps this issue would be worth exploring. If it is an issue that is prevalent in his life, and he can deal with it in an appropriate way , he may not need to retain fluid to protect himself.

Best wishes, Ayal

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