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"I'm itching to get out - literally!"

Hi, your website is a wonderful surprise and thank you...

My question goes like this: I have an itch in my rectal/anal area. This itch is absolutely non-relenting, and when it begins (always at night), no matter how disciplined I try to be, I can't help but scratch it so fiercely that I have no skin left! Ye gods! Almost ten years now with this itch and I've explored every dietary/physiological/topical avenue for healing to no avail. Recently, I've been able to see the metaphor involved with this condition: I'm itching to get something out. But, even though I know that what I want to get out is the real me (the me who is not subject to her own harsh judgments, and her own debilitating fears: oh my goodness the fears!), I can't seem to find the door. You don't just get the real you out, the way you put on new clothes or buy a new sofa. Do you have any advice or experience that might apply to me?

If I remember correctly, this itch started around the time my mother disappeared, but didn't clear up when I was reunited with her?!


Well, there are certainly issues of feeling left behind from your mother leaving which would be good to clear as well as an issue that has to do with a feeling of a lack of recognition. This itch has to do with your lower self, however. It seems to have to do with an issue in your subconscious that it would be good for you to become conscious of. There are also issues showing up about feeling persecuted.

When your mother left, did your father turn to you in any way to fulfill her role? Did you feel the need to take on that responsibility, or think that it was your job to do so? This would be a mixed up 1st chakra issue. A clearing of that chakra would be beneficial. (See the article on the chakras at the end of the home page, listed with other articles). If so, this could be a big impediment for you feeling able to just be you. The issue of feeling inadequate also showed up, and if you had to become your mother in some way, for a child to have to take that on would certainly lead to those feelings - and a difficulty in finding or just being oneself would get created. I think you are needing and wanting attention for who YOU are.

My info said that you need to cut the cords to the father. The issue of abuse and unresolved trauma showed up. It also said that there is a need to activate protections for you regarding the father. So - whenever this shows up, I always ask that the person tune into this for themselves. If the issue of abuse resonates with you as true, then it is up to you to explore serious options for dealing with it and healing it. You can certainly read the information on cutting cords also listed at the end of the home page. Surrounding yourself with white light is another form of protection. However, you will need to decide whether this fits your life and if this information rings true for you - and if so, what you need to do about it to take care of and protect yourself.

That's what came through.

Many Blessings, Ayal

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