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"My periods have gone out of sync with moon cycles"

Dear Ayal,

I found you on the Internet when I looked up menstruation. I am a very spiritual person and have been working with my body for the last few months to get my cycle in synch with the moon. I have been nurturing my feminine side and I feel I have made extensive progress. The one area that does not seem to tell me this is my period. My cycle has gone from 25-26 days to 22 days! And I am getting my period on the new moon instead of the full moon. I would appreciate any advice you can give me as I feel a bit disheartened. I will continue to nurture my feminine qualities and hope for the desired results.


Hi - well, the picture I am getting from my guides is this: you are not being true to yourself or standing up for yourself and truly having your own self identity. Instead, there are issues of following others. It is very important for you to be true to yourself and have your own power. However, it also seems that you may not be clear on how that feels or what that looks like. Being true to oneself means loving oneself entirely and doing that which benefits oneself (as well as others : being compassion) and that stems from a centered, loving place within. It is the higher love the soul expresses - the kind of love one feels, for instance, when standing before an exquisite sunset. It would be very helpful and good for you to start painting or writing and expressing who you are through your feminine creative spirit.

There are also issues showing up for you that need to be healed to allow this love and creativity to flourish within you. One of the main areas seems to be that you have a lack of sympathy toward others as well as an inability to be affectionate. This is a 2nd chakra issue. I invite you to read about the 2nd chakra in Caroline Myss's book Anatomy of the Spirit and work with this chakra to heal it.

There is a burden you are carrying regarding being disappointed in the affection you received in your family, as well as an issue of feeling persecuted. You can clear these by following the formula for clearing core beliefs found in the Laws of the Universe - the article on the Laws is an important bit of information to read and understand. It will be important for you to release these childhood feelings of trauma and anger which are blocking your ability to be in your own flow and your own center. This is really a death of the ego, a transformation you are involved in - letting go of patterns which come from the ego level of our being, and allowing and choosing to move into a higher state of consciousness. All good work to do.

There is an issue showing up of being hasty and impatient, which stems from one not feeling self confident and centered in oneself, and this could be reflected in your moon cycle also being hasty and impatient.

An Aura-Soma product would be helpful for you at this time - the olive green pomander for courage, positive thinking, and which refreshes one's space. I invite you to order it and use it: em ail

Blessings, Ayal

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