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"Is there a spiritual alternative for healing an ovarian cyst?"

Dear Ayal,

I was wanting to know if you can help me with a question concerning Ovarian Cysts. My mentor and good friend Connie just found out that she has a cyst (mucinous cystendenoma - a benign mucous filled cyst) on her right ovary that is about 10cm (about 4 inches) big. The doctor wants to operate, but Connie wants to take a different approach to curing this disease instead of surgery. She is extremely spiritual and feels in her heart and soul that God will cure this disease but doesn't know if God is going to use doctors or just his healing hand to rid her of this cyst. I read about this type of cyst, and everything medically inclined that I read states that the only way to get rid of this is through surgery. Other types of healing (alternative) talk about treating and curing certain cysts, but not the type that Connie has. I am trying to find as much information about cures from both sides of the spectrum, and would be extremely grateful for your insight. Thank you in advance.


Hi - God isn't out there somewhere, God is within oneself, as well as within everything else. So, for your friend to heal, she will need to be in touch with her own God self, her own God given power, her own inner connection to the divine within, as I see it.

Has your friend gone through the death of someone close to her that was traumatic for her? I am getting that this is part of the issue that created the cyst. It also has, to a huge extent, to do with issues of her own creativity and power. The feminine is the creative principle, and a cyst on the feminine reproductive parts has to do with these issues. It has to do with issues related to her ancestral line - perhaps this issue of distorted feminine creative energy, or not creating her life work or being in her power is something that her ancestors dealt with as well. This is a 2nd chakra issue which has to do with the giving and receiving of physical, mental, and emotional pleasure. I invite her to read about the 2nd chakra in Caroline Myss's book, Anatomy of the Spirit. As she heals this for herself, she also will release the burden from her ancestral lineage.

There are feelings of anxiety to release and transform, as well as disappointment, and emotional dependency: reliance on others for self esteem. This all ties in with her knowing and activating her own creative feminine power. There are issues of family rejection to heal. Perhaps this is where the feminine energy got wounded. Definitely issues of owning her own power are up and not being indebted, in any way, to others. When one is not in their own power and creative energy, it can continue feelings of uselessness, etc.

It would be good for your friend to do some profound healing sessions from a particular healing modality which can be accessed on the net here. Perhaps she can locate a practitioner near her.

It would also be good for her to use the Aura-Soma product, the Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara quintessence, for bringing the divine into the everyday. This can be ordered at

I can't tell one what one should or should not do regarding surgery. I can offer my intuitive feeling however, which says at this point it's probably a good thing to do. In the meantime, regardless of what route she chooses or has chosen, these issues can be worked with and transformed so that other forms of physical manifestation do not occur - so that her life moves into greater harmony and clarity, on all levels, if she so chooses to do so.

Blessings, Ayal

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