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"I'm interested in how energy blockages could relate to fibromyalgia"

Hello, Ayal

I've just found your site, and have begun to read some of the questions you've been asked and their answers. I will bookmark it, and reread and think about some of the things I've seen already.

I notice that several questioners asked about fibromyalgia. That's what got me to your site, as I was looking for information on the net about energy blockages. I'm pretty sure that I have fibromyalgia, too, the symptoms beginning in earnest this spring during a rainy season. Since the semester ended (I'm a teacher), I've been active in learning about it all & trying things out: walking, vitamins, rest, with some positive effect, but I don't think I've begun to grasp what the underlying dynamic of the illness and recuperation from it are. I do so want to avoid medication, because I do sense that the muscle pain & fatigue I have has triggered because of a long term pattern. It doesn't make sense to dope myself to be able to sleep, if all this came about through an imbalance in my life, or through some continued circumstance. My impression from your earlier answers is that you somehow are able to intuit, to pick up something, of the person emailing you.

Some years ago I practiced aikido for a few years, so know about ki energy in that circumstance. Just this week I've been working on breathing and "feeling around" with ki, to see what seems to affect things. I must admit, while I sense that there's quite a lot to learn with both, I'm untrained regarding blockages or using ki in non-aikido ways. Anything you could say would be most appreciated. I'm 55, about 2 years into the menopause process. And I'm a Gemini, always doing...

Oh, and (remember that I don't know much about these things) what's the energy body, and how can I learn about it? I do have a sense of what meridians are...


Hi - in general, firbromyalgia is an illness that comes to people when they need to slow down. As you said, you go go go all the time.....When one has fibromyalgia, some of what is needed are amino acids, magnesium, and malic acid.

Holotropic Breathwork sessions would be good for you. I'd invite you to do at least 2. Look on the net for a practitioner near you. My information is saying that you need to cut the energetic cords (read about this in the article on "cutting the cords that bind you" listed at the end of the home page) to your lower self. When I asked for further clarification about that, my info said it had to do with sexuality and acceptance. Perhaps that will spark an aha for you. An issue of ethics showed up for you that also has something to do with this.

Whatever it is that you are to clear here, it is also an ancestral issue and as you clear it, it will help your ancestors as well.

Your 1st chakra needs some attention - this is the root chakra found at the base of the spine. You can also read the article on chakras found at the end of the home page. In the meantime, I've included in this letter information on the 1st chakra which, incidentally has to do with physical energy, the will to live, and our ancestral roots.

It would be good for you to say the following, which activates the proper frequency in the body, 2 times a day for 4 months: "I sponsor myself to the Creator, Cosmic All, The Masters, and the Creator Entity to have: 111.10 health patterns"

Ordering and using two Aura-Soma products (an article giving info on Aura-Soma is also listed at the end of the home page) would be good for you: the emerald green pomander, for finding one's own space, and the Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara quintessence for bringing the divine into the everyday and it helps with various facets of a project (in this case, getting well). Order it at

An issue showed up regarding a lack of ambition - perhaps the fibromyalgia showed up as a kind of rationalization to not have to do, if your being is needing to not be ambitious at this point in your life. Competition also showed up. I think these issues tie in together. There is a sense you have of feeling destroyed - what is that about? Family rejection also showed up. I'd do some exploring to see how all of these issues tie in together to create fibromyalgia, which is a kind of melt down. Did you feel that you had to accomplish things in life in order to be accepted?

Did this go against the grain of who you are in some way, because an issue of shyness, or fear of success also showed up? Did you run yourself ragged trying to gain acceptance by trying to be what others thought you ought to be? Did you feel useless to some extent? All of this is in your shadow side and needs to be explored and released (cutting the cords to the lower self).

The flower essence rock rose, which is for self transcending courage, for fear of loss of self (symbolized by fibromyalgia = loss of your own energy) would be good for you. You can order it from The Flower Essence Society (530) 265-9163). Take 2 drops 2 times a day under the tongue for 2 months.

You can learn about the energy meridians by looking up information on "Touch for Health" - a healing technique that works with the meridians. There are Touch for Health books out as well. Also, Chinese medicine deals with the energy meridians, which are the energetic, electrical pathways through the body.

The 1st chakra: Muladhara, or root chakra - the seat of the immense power of the kundalini...

(a) The energy content of this chakra is tribal power. Archetypally, the word tribe connotates group identity, group force, group will power, and group belief patterns. The first chakra is the family we are born into; ancestral patterns; DNA. It is our connection to traditional family beliefs that support the formation of identity and a sense of belonging to a group of people in a geological location. It is all about how we handle being in a group identity - we experience the power of sharing a belief and a moral code with other people. We learn how to live honorably with one another, and how to bond. We learn the truth that "All is One" through experiences connected to group dynamics . We are connected to all of life and we learn through the energy of this chakra that every choice we make and every belief we hold exerts influence on the whole of life. The first chakra deals with lessons related to the physical world - to be part of a tribe is a primal need - to be completely dependent for one's basic needs.

(b) The first chakra grounds us - it is our root system. The root chakra takes in energy from the earth and also allows us to ground spiritual energy much as a lightning rod grounds electricity. It gives us stability. Orients us in time and space and to our 5 senses. Being sense oriented, it gives us literal, not symbolic interpretations of the world.

(c) It gives us the stability to let go sexually and to experience pleasure with complete abandon - to soar in ecstasy and know we can return safely.

(d) It gives us physical energy and the will to live - joy in life - basic survival instincts - eating, sleeping, self preservation - keeps us going until we complete what we came here to do.

(d) It gives us outer authority/mass consciousness - having an external center of gravity.

(f) It gives us the foundation of mental and emotional health.

(g) It gives us a need for logic, order, and structure (tribe/ childhood).

(h) Love manifests as learning loyalty, a code of honor, justice, and tribal support - loving our own kind. Accepting and acting accordingly to the spiritual truth that All is One. Your bond to your physical family is symbolic of your connection to everyone and all that is life. Violating this energy bond such as considering those who are different from us as being less than us, creates conflict in our spirit and therefore within our spiritual body.

(i) The ultimate lesson of the first chakra is that we must shift our faith in order to see that the only real justice is Divinely ordered, to see God's reasoning and what happens as Divine plan, not as human punishment or tribal law - seeing our tribal circumstances as "arranged by God" to promote spiritual advancement, In order to move from human to Divine authority we must evolve beyond misperceptions that contradict the truth "All Is One".

(j) Primary fears: fear of physical survival, abandonment by the group, loss of physical order.

Blessings, Ayal

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