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"My husband has a urinary problem and has become obsessive over cleanliness"

Dear Ayal,

I was surfing different healing websites and I have come upon your website and I have read many answers that you have given to many people. I hope that you will be able to help me and my husband.

We have been happily married for almost two years now. I am thankful for that.

The thing that is sad is that my husband's health is not good.

He has been suffering from some discharge from his urethra and problems while urinating. We have tried to find out the cause but there is no infection or anything which would show up on medical tests. He has tried homeopathic medicines and also antibiotics and herbal and natural remedies like drinking broccoli soup. Nothing has helped. It is heart-rending for me to see him this way. He also has developed this problem with cleanliness - he wants to maintain his cleanliness at all times and he feels dirty because he keeps thinking that maybe some discharge has occurred and now he is not even wearing his shirts tucked in, thinking that they might also get dirty. He has some discharge after he urinates and also irritation in his urethra.

His problem with the cleanliness has also become worse, as he tries to stay clean and has problems with washing. He takes a long time in coming out of the wash room.

We contacted a psychiatrist for this problem and he is taking a medication for it too - but it has not cured him completely. He tries very hard to get rid of this problem and succeeds too, but not completely. He gets so frustrated and angry and wonders sometimes if someone has put a curse on him.

For the last few months, he has developed a sensitive stomach. He gets gas and upset stomach or diarrhoea whenever he eats anything new or spicy. Then he started getting a runny nose every time he eats.

It seems that one thing doesn't go away and then another starts on top of it.

We are both so tired of his problems. We can't help but yearn a life without all these annoying and tiresome problems.

We are planning to have a baby, but sometimes I am so scared thinking how we will manage having a newborn around and his problems to worry about too.

PLEASE help us and let me know why this has all happened and how we can get rid of it all. I don't know where we can go for help. I sometimes wish that I lived in USA because I find so many healers and people who can help, but I am not living there and it seems as if there is no one who could help us. May be we can help ourselves, but how? We yearn for a normal life together without health problems.


Hi. Well, until these issues are cleared up, I think having a baby would be an incredibly stressful situation. Neither your husband nor you would be able to give the child the care and attention it needs, and your environment would be filled with this ongoing anxiety which would affect the baby. Some issue is up for your husband that he is protecting himself from seeing. My information said that it has something to do with something in a past life. It has to do with his inner masculine energy. This seems to be a second chakra issue - all about the quality of giving and receiving physical, mental, and emotional pleasure. Possibly he feels dirty about something that happened with a person in a past life. I invite him to sit in meditation and ask to see what this is all about. He then needs to cut the cords to that person and that event.

Holotropic Breathwork would be a useful healing technique for him to go through for a while, if there is a practitioner near you, or workshops he can go to have sessions. I think 4 at least are needed. Polarity Healing sessions would also be good to get him back into balance. 6 sessions are needed, minimum, if possible.

Blessings, Ayal

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