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"My sister-in-law has awful pain in her muscles and is going down hill rapidly"


My sister-in-law has awful pain in her muscles. To the point where she can hardly walk, and on occasion it get so bad her feet turn in. The doctors have done tests on her and said it acts like Multiple Sclerosis, but can not find it in tests. She is going down hill rapidly and is only 42. Do you have any suggestions as to where she might go from here?


A number of things you could invite her to check out:

  1. Parasites are showing up - I'd get tested for them if I were her.
  2. She needs magnesium.
  3. Brain Gym, or Edu-K sessions would be helpful - find a practitioner on the Net nearby.
  4. Holotropic Breathwork would also help.

Blessings, Ayal

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