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"Though normally healthy, I suffer badly from hayfever each year"

Hello Ayal

For the past four or five spring/summers, I have been suffering badly from Hayfever which at times can immobilise me. I don't understand why this should be because I am generally of very sound health. If you could shed some light on this problem for me, I would be very grateful.


Hi - What is showing up is that your inner child is needing some TLC and attention. The issue of phobias showed up, although nothing as to specifics. It would be good for you to have some shamanic work done with that. You can get in touch with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and locate a practitioner near you. What's needed is what's called an extraction - taking out some negative energy.

There seems to be a lot of sadness/grief in your space, and this affects the lungs, (ability to take in life, breathing in life, etc) which could be a reason why you are having allergic reactions. There are acupressure points to help the lungs, found just below the collarbone, on either side. You can press around in there until you locate them - they'll probably be tender and painful. If you look up the energy meridians as well as foot reflexology points, you will see other pressure points for the lungs which, when pressed upon, will help.

There are issues showing up of feeling destroyed, feeling that someone is or was favored over you, of missing someone terribly, of despair, and of feeling used. You said this hayfever began 5 years ago. Did something traumatic happen for you around then that ties in with these issues? Hayfever, or allergies, is going into resistance with life in some way, I believe. What is needed here is for you to meet the world with courage and openness. Along with this, the issues of wimpiness, especially around your feminine energy, and self pity showed up. So, there is some healing to be done here. There was a hardening of emotions that went on for you. You are needing to listen to your inner voice and learn to trust again. It would be good for you to release the grief and any other issues that need to be examined and then let go of.

The Aura-Soma yellow pomander, which is an antidote for nervousness and negative thoughts would be good for you (check out the info on Aura-Soma in my article here - one of a collection of articles found at the bottom of the Clearing the Way home page). This essence brings back clarity and courage, laughter and sparkle to life. Also, using the Lady Portia quintessence, which deals with judge not, lest ye be judged sort of thing. It brings mercy and compassion for ourselves, and helps return one to balance. You can order these at this email address: Very high level healers, and fun to use.

Your thymus and spleen need to be strengthened, along with your lungs. I'd go see a good chiropractor who does whole body work, not just adjustments, or a good naturopathic doctor. There are tinctures one can take, or supplements, etc. to help with this.

Blessings, Ayal

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