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"I have springtime allergies that I am not able let go"

Hey there Ayal

I saw that you had answered some questions of people with energetic or physical difficulties. I was hoping that you might have a moment to answer my question...

I have these springtime allergies that I am not able let go. I got a bunch of acupuncture which helped a lot but they still won't go away. I keep improving my diet from year to year but they return every spring (first I quit eating flesh, then smoking, drinking, drugs, dairy). I meditate every day. I practice yoga nearly every day (either hatha or Kundalini yoga) -- while I am doing my yoga practice I feel better but when I am done, the symptoms come back.

What is odd is that the symptoms come and go over the course of the day. There is a baseline discomfort, and then there are moments where I feel totally out of control, sneezing and my body is hot and cold and all stressed out ...

I don't know what to do to heal myself of these symptoms in the springtime. Do you have any ideas? I would love to hear them.


Hi - well, my info is telling me that this is an emotional issue, and that it would be good for you to do some shamanic work to "extract" whatever is causing this from your body. I know that the practitioners who have studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies do extractions. The issue that is showing up is "inferiority". Also, this seems to be something that needs to be extracted form your ancestral line - "releasing the burden of the ancestors" showed up. I think that you are needing to cut the cords to this ancestral issue. ( For more info on cutting cords, check out my article Cutting the Cords That Bind You).

Perhaps you can sit in meditation and ask to see or receive more information regarding this ancestral issue: you can ask - "What are the origins of this issue?" - and then you need to ask that the cords be cut to everyone involved who experienced this discomfort. Ask for God's clearing energies to come in and heal this, all the way down the ancestral line from where it started. Sometimes an event can happen that gets encoded in the DNA and gets passed on from generation to generation as an allergy or "irritation" to something. Perhaps when you experience a sense of inferiority, or anxiety, or a sense of being belittled, or "destroyed" in some way, the allergies kick in, your immune system drops, etc. Check into whether or not these issues resonate with you, and if so, explore them, and then you can use the formula for changing core beliefs found in the Laws of the Universe found on the site.

Your ability to listen to your inner voice is showing up as well. You are desiring gentleness - I invite you to do some work with your inner child. You can connect with this part of you in meditation. There are some issues of personal honor showing up - a 3rd chakra issue. This ties in with the ancestral issue, I believe.

See what this does, and if you explore these things and get answers, and then need more info from me, feel free to get back in touch.

Blessings, Ayal

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