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"I feel compelled to help others but they are ungrateful"

DEAR AYAL: It's the first time I met ur site on the net and I want to get some help from you.

First of all, am a single woman, who has been ill spiritually and physically all her life. Am very sensitive and easily impressed. I have never been shown any love or affection in my life. But within time I discovered that divine love is purer and stronger than all earth's love and affection. So, i learnt the lesson in my long loneliness. Those I loved betrayed me although I have been purely sincere towards them without any doubt. I have some psychic tendency without practicing it. I have healed a lot of people so far freely. But those whom I helped tend to be very ungrateful to me that they behave as if I hadn't moved a little finger for them. Such behaviors put me very upset that I do not want to help others anymore. Guess, I proposed them to help them freely to get out of their bad situations and to my great surprise....!!!

My problem is not only this: the force inside of me or the energy that is inside of me tells me to carry on helping others. Although I am trying to refrain myself from it, I find myself helping without wanting to. Is there anything I can do to stop that energy? By myself I can't because i feel like being hypnotised when I go to others in need. Is there anything I can do? Thank you in advance.


Hello. Well, I think that your soul chose this time around to learn to come in and serve others with unconditional love - without asking for anything back. When we can serve in this way, we feel a tremendous amount of joy. You may have missed the lesson however, since you are resisting doing that. This resistance has made you ill, I think. What if you embraced this gift instead, and offered it with no strings attached? Others may still not be able to love you as you would like them to - they may not have developed in their ability to love and be clear enough yet to do that - but you can choose to grow in that love yourself!

You are still thinking from victim consciousness - thinking that something is "being done to you" and that you have no power. What if you understood that YOU created your life this way to learn about loving and giving unconditionally? How would that change things for you?

I invite you to read the Laws of the Universe found on this Clearing the Way site until it really rings a bell for you... then take a look at your life and see it, if you choose to, from a new perspective.

Blessings, Ayal

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