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"I get 'who are you?' voices when I look into the mirror"

Dear Ayal,

As a child, when I would look in the mirror I would go into a trance and I would hear someone ask,"who are you?" It would terrify me and I'd run out of the room. Soon after the first time it happened, I acquired stronger intuition, visions, and prophetic dreams. Eventually I had a bit more nerve and stared into the mirror longer. After asking, "who are you?" the voice asked "do you know who you are?" I experienced this for several years until I was about twenty (11 years ago) and in my late teens my visions and dreams got stronger and more accurate. Except when it came to my own life. I still have difficulty interpreting the messages and signs I get. During this time I went to a healer and she discounted my experiences and spiritual gifts. I didn't need her validation, I was merely hoping there was a path that I was being led down and she could help me see the direction.

Last month, I was walking by a mirror in the house and went into trance and once again heard, "who are you?" I didn't runaway this time. Suddenly, I felt something stirring inside me. I felt full of myself, as if a lost part of me had returned. That feeling lasted a few moments and then I felt normal again. What is all of this about? Why couldn't the healer pick up on anything?


Hi - well, it sounds as if you definitely have some wonderful gifts. There is a timing in life - when we are ready to accept and deal with certain things in our lives, they present themselves. It sounds as if you are now at that point. Sometimes out of fear or trauma, misunderstandings, or lack of support, we can misplace parts of ourselves. They return when they feel it is safe to do so, when we have grown and matured and gathered enough information to be able to handle it.

I invite you to look up on the net information regarding the psychic children of China, as well as information on the Indigo Children. I think it will be fascinating for you, and help you to understand a lot more about what may be going on for you.

As far as the healer is concerned - well, as in all areas, whether it's doctors, shoe salesmen, whatever, you will find inept people or people who just don't know what's going on. So, you keep on looking until you make the right connection. Just human fallibility.

Blessings, Ayal

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