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"I can't stop eating, even when I'm not hungry"

hi, i was just looking at your website and i was wondering if you could help me with my problem. I cant stop eating. even when im not hungry. i have put on 2 stone and its all since i split up with my ex. he was a horrible bloke. But i am now with someone new and he is lovely, the sweetest thing but i still cant stop eating. As much as i try. its really getting to me and also putting our relationship in jeopardy as im always moaning about it


When we feel anxious, we often try to stop the anxiousness with constant eating. It is because there is an issue or emotion that you are holding onto that you haven't faced yet. So, you try to push it down by diverting yourself with food and the constant motion of chewing, etc.

What do you need to face and release? What are you protecting yourself from feeling? When we choose to face and release an emotion, that process doesn't last forever. It's like (forgive my crudeness here) taking a shit. If we were afraid to release what we took in but no longer needed, because we thought if we went to sit on the toilet that we'd never get off again, who would do it? We'd get very bloated, I can tell you. It's the same with emotions and issues that we no longer need. It doesn't take forever to release them, but we get scared to face them because we think it will take forever, that we'll be lost in it, that's it's too frightening, etc. It's just releasing energy, that's all, energetic wavelengths, in the form of an emotion.

When we choose to do that consciously, and we're aware of what the issue and the process is, then we choose to find a safe place (an emotional toilet, so to speak), and we release it appropriately. How? By bringing up the issue, and then by just sitting there and letting the emotion come up and flow out of us. Today I had a very huge core issue come up that goes back generations in my family, and there was a lot of real terror stored up behind it. Since I knew what the issue was, however, I just sat with the feeling of terror until it passed. My heart felt tight, etc., and I just said, "This is that old, old fear that's been in my family for generations releasing." When it passed, I felt much freer to go about creating my life as I choose it to be.

Sounds as if you still have some fear going on about creating being with "a horrible bloke"? What was the brilliance and purpose for you in creating that experience? What did you learn? Obviously you learned something important, because you chose to create a lovely person in your life after that. So, how about focusing on it in that way? About how good you are creating. Trusting that you do it right and good enough. As you say, moaning about it is a symptom of this belief that you aren't doing it good enough, and there sounds as if there is a lot of terror or sadness, perhaps, for you behind that belief, yes? Where does that belief come from? It has something to do with an addiction to creating conflict - a family issue, I believe. Deal with that, release the emotion that goes with it, and you'll be well on your way.

You could say the following, twice a day, for 3 months:

"I am ready, available, and willing to access and to clear, during this work, all imbalances, that may relate to illnesses, be they physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, in the mind, miasmic, allergies, or negative programming. I now allow full healing and clarity."

Using the magenta Aura-Soma quintessence product will help you a lot. Look up Aura-Soma on the net to order it. It helps one to re-awaken to beauty, and appreciate what you create.

Check also into seeing if you have any parasites. This would or could be a physical manifestation of believing you had to bring people into your life who were parasitic. Issues with parasites, if one is going on, have to do with not feeling you have power, and that others have power over you. I'd invite you to visualize the white light to clear your space of any residue of negative energy that may still be hanging around you from this guy's energy. Visualize a glowing, beautiful white light above your head, and send it through your entire body, stating that only your own highest energy is with you and occupying your space. Send it through your feet and then into the earth. I'd do this 3 times a day for a month.

Blessings, Ayal

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