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"Better to get medical treatment than mess with shamanism!"

You must be completely stupid! The only thing that I agree with on your web page is that that you can ask God for help. I believe he will, but all this other mumbo jumbo is not going to help someone with fibromyalgia get better! FIbromyalgia is a medical condition that can be treated. Some with this condition should have an over night sleep study done to rule out any sleeping disorders first. If there are any sleeping disorders get them treated, if not continue with medical counseling, not your "power animal." Thank you, and don't be so ignorant next time.


Hi. Thanks for sharing - if you're going to share your thoughts in such a strong way, if you feel good about what you are sharing and believe, I wonder why you can't put a name to those thoughts also? One thing I offer for your consideration - there are all sorts of ways to heal - the medical route is a viable one, and I appreciate the information you sent on sleep disorders and fibromyalgia. It sounds as if you have some intense feelings in this area. Perhaps you've gone through a lot with this illness, either with your own healing, or with someone close to you, that has been difficult. Maybe the anger and pain you are feeling comes from something else you have experienced.

You profess a strong belief in God. If you believe that God heals, then you must also know that, since God is Love, that love heals. Do you think that calling people names, no matter how wrong you may believe them to be, is part of God, is acting as God would like us to be with one another? Something must be feeling very painful for you to need to strike out at someone else, then. If you are committed to helping people heal, then coming from anger and emotional violence, or feeling threatened by ways different from your own, isn't part of the answer. I certainly understand your commitment to seeing that people receive all the best information they can, in order to heal, and I do appreciate that.

If you would like to discuss differences in points of view, or different healing options, then I am happy to do so, but without the name calling, negativity, and anger you obviously feel. You know, I am healing myself from what was termed a medical condition - the doctors said it was incurable. Yet, I am healing it. So, as I have seen in my own life, and in the life of many others, there are many ways that can be used to heal.

Did you know that every thought we think produces a matching chemical in the body - that our thoughts make up our body chemistry in that way? Given that, when a person can experience feeling confident, loved, and powerful, when a person feels powerful, loving thoughts, through whatever means that works for them, (that is not harmful to themselves or to others), that that helps the body to produce beneficial chemicals? Therefore, they have a better chance to heal. It relieves stress- the cause of many medical conditions. A shamanic journey can do that - it connects one to one's inner power through the use of symbols and imagery. The immune system is enhanced, and healing is more likely to occur.

If you believe in God, then you know that there is more to life than simply the physical. What about miracle healings? Isn't a belief in God akin to feeling the power of joy and goodness within oneself? Therefore, feeling loving, feeling safe, finding helpful answers, whether through a doctor or a minister or a meditation, is a powerful way to heal oneself. It boosts every aspect of the physical. Did you know that the chemicals produced in the body from feeling anger are very harmful and last for 5-7 hours, even after the anger has passed? Therefore, one's anger only really hurts oneself. This anger you are feeling is only hurting yourself, which I hope you would choose not to do. There's a lot more to this life than we know of - I think that there is a lot more to illness than simply the physical or it being a "medical condition". Our emotions and thoughts are too deeply intertwined with the body to separate them. It's a package deal. Just treating the body isn't dealing with the whole being. It certainly doesn't address our spiritual nature, does it?

I certainly respect your right to express and share what you believe in. In my entire column, I never called anyone a name as you have done with me - even though you profess to believe in God. What's up with that? Which does more good? Anger, or respect?

Blessings, Ayal

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