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"I have a muscle disease - what could be the cause?"

hi, my name is sushi, i was able to view some of your answers. i have MG or MYSANTHEIA GRAVIS. it is a disease which affects the muscles and leaves them very weak and shaky. this disease comes becuase of stress. also i am very fat although my food consumption is not very high. also i have no desire to have sex because i feel that sex is bad and i always think that how can a man get into my smelly part. i would like you to tell me more about myself so i can heal myself. i was reaped three to four times when i was a young girl. i ahve never been able to experience orgasm.


Hi - myastehnias gravis can be caused by heavy metal poisoning as well. I suggest you go to a doctor and have a test done to see if you need to detox the heavy metals from your system - and then take supplements to rebuild the myelin sheath around the nerves. John Wilson at the Great Smokies Medical Center in Asheville deals with this extremely well.

If you are overweight but don't eat much, 2 things could be possibilities.

1) you're not getting any exercise

2) you are protecting yourself from being assaulted again by having a barrier of weight around you.

Sex isn't dirty unless it has been abused by someone using it as a weapon, as in rape. When you have been molested as a child, it is natural to have terrible and terrifying associations with sex. When we are closed down and terrified, it isn't very possible to experience sexual pleasure. It is important to work through this deep wound in counseling and therapy. It can take a while. It is important to be able to release the past, to heal it, and move forward. The way you have worded your feelings about sex remind me of how a little girl would speak. This tells me that you may be stuck emotionally back at that age when you were molested. This happens to people when they experience a traumas - they sort of wall that part of themselves away and it stops growing. It will be really important for you to get in touch, in therapy, with that frightened little girl and help her to know that she is safe and that you will be there to take loving, good care of her. Then that part of you can begin to grow and mature. Otherwise, you are still a little girl trying to have a relationship, and a little girl is not prepared to deal with the sexual or emotional aspects of an adult relationship.

There can be wonderful relationships within which there is trust and support, validation and gentleness - when you believe that there ARE such relationships, that such a relationship can exist, you will create one where you can feel and be trusting. Then you can open to sharing and receiving sexual pleasure. It is necessary to know that you can be honored and your needs and wishes respected in a relationship. When you are able to trust and feel safe, you will in all likelihood shed the weight, and not live in so much stress. Read the Laws of the Universe and decide which beliefs you now choose to live by.

Blessings, Ayal

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