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"I feel an energy blockage in many parts of my body"

Dear Sir,

I am Avinash Rawal from New Delhi (INDIA). I have done Reiki course of Ist ,IInd ,IIIrd and Mastership about 6 years ago and have done Magnify healing and since then I have taken in attunement many times directly and distant attunement and also attended many Reiki classes with many Reiki grand Masters to get the flow of Reiki in my body. But I don t feel the energy flow in my hands and body. There is blockage some where and I feel blockage in many parts of my body. When ever I tried to heal my self and others I feel some energy pressure on my Crown Chakra but the energy does not flow in side and in to my hands.

I shall be greatfull if you could help me out and remove all my blockage.


Hi Avinash - well, I'm not a sir, but I do have some information for you. It seems that you are allergic to, or resisting yourself - you have a block about allowing your divine nature to enter in. There is an imbalance relating to your instinctual, or animal nature. What this is telling me is that your animal body is resisting your spiritual body or energy. Do you have a belief that the physical body is bad or lower than the divine part of you? If so, what I think may be going on is that your physical body thinks that if it allows divine energy in, it will be denied or destroyed. I would advise you to check into whether or not you have this belief, and if so, use the formula for changing core beliefs found in the Laws of the Universe information. Everything is God. To deny any part of yourself is to deny your Godself. It can't be separate. Saying some intentions regarding allowing yourself to understand that All is One, All is God, etc. would also be useful.

I would also find a practitioner who specializes in releasing negative entities or overgrowths from oneself. You may have some of those lurking around.

Blessings, Ayal

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