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"Stomach pains that I had years ago are now back. Why?"

Ayal - I have been on a spiritual path for many years and at age of 65 am in pretty good health (for an average 65 year old). However, I have been having excruciating stomach pains and cramps... had something like this years ago and don't understand now what it is nor why it is back. Can you help me??


Hi - I am getting that this has to do with the place you are in - there is a lot of nervous energy going on for you, wherever you are, as well as an issue that has to do with self respect - 3rd chakra stuff. Also, you are not speaking some truth you need to share, which would help alleviate the nervousness. You are having some difficulty communicating and assimilating some experience. It is always good to check these things out medically if the pain continues. However, you may want to check into whether or not these issues seem to apply.

A good thing to do is meditate on your heart and say: "An energy from my heart that would meet my need is now available to me." And then allow it to come forth. Also, an Aura-Soma product would be helpful for you: the yellow pomander which is an antidote for nervousness and negative thoughts. It brings back clarity and courage, laughter and sparkle to life. You can order it at Aura-Soma USA (830) 935-2355.

Blessings, Ayal


Most importantly at the moment, my grandaughter is 4 years old and generally a sweet precocious child. However Wednesday she began crying and cried for about 30 minutes, crying really really hard and there was not much I could do to stop her - she was asking for "body glitter" but I knew that was not the reason she was crying so hard. She really upset herself. I tried to console her and finally did, then she said she was hungry, I fed her and she went to sleep. She did it again last night with her mother for another issue and she called me and asked what was wrong with her and what should she do. I of course had no clue - Please help....

In regard your response to my question, I'm not sure about the self respect issue but have been told my lower three chakras were blocked. Have done some healing work and thought they were now cleared. Can you help me with the "communicating and assimilating some experience" - I'm not sure where to go with this as I have no clue what I need to communicate and assimilate, as well as the self respect issue.

Re the meditation: I have and always have had a problem meditating as I fall asleep... didn't do well in school nor college as everytime I relax I fall asleep. I sat and quietly said the words and it was wonderful but why can't I get into a deep meditation?

Tried to order the product yellow pomander from Aura-Soma USA and they referred me to a practicioner to do the entire counseling thing which I didn't want - tried it before and never really resonates with the 4 bottles I selected and my grandbaby loved them and plaid with them...

When I wrote you I was in such pain and by the time you got back with me I had worked with 2 healers energeticaly and the problem with my stomach has abated due to energetic healing and essences. I would like to clear up the last vestiges of whatever is left that needs healing, maybe the lack of a male partner in my life for 30 years and maybe a couple other things. Please advise cost, etc.


Hello - What I think is going on here is that you are feeling very adrift and alone in your life, and consequently feeling very anxious and fearful. You have, in essence, become addicted to worrying and feeling anxious. It sounds as if, no matter what happens, there is an energy you radiate that says something is terribly wrong, it won't work out no matter what I do, nothing I try works, etc. That is the ego, the victim, the unawakened, separate self, the part that thinks that it is separate from God, speaking. There are a lot of beliefs going on for you that deal with feeling cut off from others, feeling too much remorse and disappointment, and feeling useless.

These are some pretty hard judgments you are making about yourself and your life. What you are really desiring is gentleness and nurturing and love - that is why you are seeking the help of healers, etc. That is fine, and a good thing to do. We all desire gentleness, and we all want to be loved. However, the person you really need to be getting it from is yourself. If you feel you are hopeless and can't be helped, if you doubt yourself, or if you are turning to others to assuage your fears and anxieties, then nothing you try will work for long. You will project your own self doubts onto everything else. I think, regarding your grand daughter, you are seeing her upsets through this fear of something being terribly wrong. There may in fact be something going on - my tuning in didn't reveal anything except to tell you that it is your own fears that you are dealing with and which have you seeing and relating to the world in this way. Life becomes a self fulfilling prophecy depending on what we believe. Do you see that?

To heal, it's time to drop the self judgments and criticisms. It is time to get out of victim patterns and to trust life - and that means trusting yourself. When one falls asleep, as you mentioned, such as when meditating, that again is you closing down from taking in, or assimilating, what you really need to be self supporting and self generating. Sleep means going unconscious. You fall asleep because you have not been able to assimilate the energy of who you truly are - a child of God, made of light, energy, and unlimited creative power. So, when it was time to learn or grow or take in knowledge, you fell asleep. Are you ready to stay awake now and get conscious? It sounds as if you are looking to do that now. It's all up to you and what you are ready to decide and choose to do.

Read the Laws of the Universe, and especially use the formulas for changing beliefs. You have a strong resistance to seeing and knowing yourself as God. What's so scary about that? It's just that old belief that kicks in and says you aren't that. It's the inner critical judge telling you you're not good enough to be God, and you believe it. That's a false belief. If you believe the inner judge, which comes from distorted beliefs, perpetuated for generations by mass consciousness, which tells you you're separate from God, which means being separate from everyone and everything else, including yourself, of course you would feel terribly alone and anxious and fearful. What then do you have to stand on? So - decide to recognize that as the illusion it is, and go for what is really the Truth about who you are.

You could begin by stating this intention:

"I am now ready, willing, and able to know myself as the God that I am. I now intend allowing myself to fully absorb and assimilate my Godliness and remember my God Self. I now choose to release false beliefs and awaken to who I truly am."

Blessings, Ayal

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