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"How to release low-vibration people who seem to be attached to me?"

Dear Ayal!

I am so appreciative of the energy and intelligence and wisdom you present on your site... what a tremendous and clear light you are.

I am a hypnotherapist as well, and have spent the past 25 years creating my conscious path. I find myself at an interesting place - up until now I have allowed people with assorted minor/major distortions and addictions to drain me. Usually these were spiritual people who either ate too much... OK, I know I created this, but I am a member of a group that is involved with spiritual studies and have been involved with this group for two years because the material fascinated me. I am finding that I don't resonate with the group. One of the leaders is married, hassled constantly, in chaos and is having an affair, and always calls up to complain. I am feeling energetically like I want to be around clearer, less problem oriented, straighter, more aware of their beliefs, etc people.

And I am also finding myself judgmental and angry because I don't think this woman could bear to hear the truth. Her life is chaotic and she is controlling. It's as if I am creating a new level of truth in my life... there is a lot of addiction around where I live and I am staying out of any of it. A lot of scrambling outside of self for answers... How do I gently let go of those people who seem to be corded to me - and don't want to let go - tell them I'm not available for the group. I get a "not good feeling" when I think of having to sit in the room with this group whose lives are on the whole in distortion/powerlessness and professions like prostituion.

Do you understand why someone who is happy may not want to rest in that energy? I think I am asking for permission of release and some refined understanding. I ask myself if I were Christ would I be bothered by this? I just don't get a vibrational lift when I think of doing this and my inner being is always right. What is "essential" about this is that I believe many people in the group have worked spiritually but not necessarily emotionally and otherwise on themselves.

I feel badly that I sit in a room with people who are dear but whose vibration is not particularly empowered. And I feel uncomfortable... If you could comment and recommend an intention for releasing (I don't like coming from a higher or lower attitude... but the energy feels LOW) old low vibration relationships, I would be beyond grateful. I want to attract healthy vibrant loving clear balanced abundant (I am like this) people into my life. I intend to now - they are on their way.

Love and Blessing to you.


Hi - Well, until we finish with an issue inside of ourselves, we will have that issue mirrored back to us in the people and situations in our lives. In your letter you said you felt that perhaps you are asking permission to let go of these people. Isn't asking permission a form of giving away energy, or, in other words, powerlessness - the issue you most seem to dislike in the people in your group? I suggest that you sit down and make a list of everything you dislike about these people. Then look at each issue and say: "Where do I still do that?" Where are you still disliking or judging yourself about these issues? When you can give yourself compassion and not judge yourself, you will not be judging others. What is draining you is your resistance to these issues within yourself. It is always ok to let go of something that doesn't feel good or that seems to take too much energy. But, the issue will reappear in another form until you come to loving terms with it within yourself.

It is also true, if we had attained our Christhood or Buddhahood, we would not be judging others. But, until we arrive there - and, it's not even so much "arriving" there as simply coming into complete acceptance and remembrance of that state of being, for we ARE that already, we've just chosen to forget it for a while so we can have these life experiences and learn from them - but, until then, until we come full circle to that place, the journey is about loving ourselves and our issues for what they are teaching us. We are kind to ourselves.

I think you have a judgment going on that you ought to be somewhere other than where you are in your own development. How about if you accepted that where you are is just perfect? This is all about allowing where you are at to be ok - to accept the process, and value each stage and experience and issue of it along the way. Being in the Now, and letting what is showing up in the Now be perfect. Practicing Vipassana meditation, a Buddhist technique, will help you with this. If you really got that we're already enlightened, but are just taking part in the drama, the play of God, for the experience of it, then when you saw issues in yourself or others, you wouldn't get so caught up in them, or fear them, or feed them by reacting to them, because you'd know that they are just an illusion, a part someone is temporarily playing.

Remember the story of the Tar baby? Brer rabbit exhausted himself and got all tangled up with an illusion. That doesn't mean we don't do anything about our issues - but it's the Divine Dance - you do everything you can to live life and respond to life in a clear and loving and wonderful way, but at the same time you know it's all OK and you don't get caught up in the drama. As if someone said to you, "enjoy the show, but remember it's only a movie. But behave considerately while you're in the theater." I call it living life with passionate detachment. You enjoy it to the hilt, and you practice loving kindness at all times, but you also know who you really are. So, you could say to yourself, when you see that you are buying into the drama, or reacting: "Who am I, really? Who are they, really?" And then you remember that everyone is just involved in their own play, and you allow them to have their experience, and feel what they need to feel and be in their own process with what they are learning, and then there is nothing to fear. God doesn't get drained. So, if you remember who you are, you have nothing to fear. No one can take your energy from you. You can give it away, or go into resistance and fear, but any pressure you experience is pressure you are putting on yourself. You don't have to do anything to get the energy or Love of God. You just have to remember it.

I hear how much you want to be out from under these energies that don't feel good to you. I know, from personal experience, that until we heal it in ourselves, we will continue to be around it in one form or another. Whatever it is that is bothering us, it is inevitable that we are generating that energy ourselves or have that same issue operating. It is and can only be a reflection back to us. And that is a gift, for then we are not powerless to change it. Then we CAN change it. If you keep putting the issue outside of yourself, that is exhausting, because then you are bothered by something with no power to change it. When you recognize that it is within yourself, you can change it if you choose to do so.

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Blessings, Ayal

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