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"How can I help my father who is suffering after a stroke?"


I would like to have my father to be in perfect health mentally & physically. Can you help me in getting this. His name is Arjunan Nadar. He used to be a very different & mentally tough, quick & strong person before he had a stroke. Now he seems normal to someone who has not been close to him. But I know it is not so. My mother's unexplainable harshness to him was probably the reason for the stroke, though she is probably better to him now. I don't like to see my father helpless. He should be better & he surely doesn't deserve this. I look forward to whatever help you can give. I will be very grateful to you & would do anything within me for this.


Hello. Your love and concern for your father is very evident. When someone we deeply love is wounded in some way, it is natural and appropriate to want to do all we can for them. I have some information for your father that may be of some help, but I also want to caution you to remember that everyone has their own journey and challenges to deal with, lessons they have come into this life to learn about. So, it is a fine dance, and the ultimate spiritual challenge, to care for someone with all your heart, but also to live from a place of loving detachment toward them, trusting that on the highest level, all is working out. Doing both at the same time is a difficult but worthwhile balancing act, but with awareness it can be accomplished, and it will give you peace of mind.

Your father came into this life to deal with issues of harmony. He has felt a lot of apprehension about this, and this may have led to his stroke. It is not surprising therefore, given that he came to learn about harmony, that there has been disharmony and harshness, as you mentioned, in his marriage. He also is dealing with issues of being dominated. It would be good for him to be able to verbalize and discharge verbally, in a safe environment, how he has felt about this. Just getting his feelings out without hurting anyone or having anyone try to fix it. Just being listened to. Having his feelings honored for what they are, whether he has feelings of sadness, anger, fear, hatred, whatever. This is in itself incredibly healing and frees a being up to bring in new energy. It may take more than one session to do this. It may even take years.

Also, a flower essence would be useful for him. You can order them from the California Flower Essence Society. Their phone number is (530) 265-9163. The essences he needs are chapparel, for cleansing psychic toxins; holly, for acceptance and broken heartedness; pink yarrow, for over sensitivity; rescue remedy, for all around shock; sunflower, for being able to present his authentic self; and yerba santa, for constricted feelings. These can all be put together in one dropper bottle, mixed with a little bit of brandy to preserve it, and then the rest of the bottle is filled with distilled water. It would be good for him to take 6 drops of the mixture 3 times a day for a minimum of a month.

The formula for his essence is as follows: in the dropper bottle, put 4 drops of chapparel; 10 drops of holly; 6 drops of pink yarrow; 12 drops of rescue remedy; 20 drops of sun flower; and 8 drops of yerba santa.

Wishing you all the best, Ayal

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