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"Could spiritual exercises be affecting my menstrual cycle?"

Dear Ayal,

At the end of last month (September) I began a 'journey' to developing my psychic abilities with the use of a program devised by an internationally acclaimed psychic and have achieved a lot so far considering the short time I have been following the meditation and visualization exercises. However I have a feeling my following the program has something to do with my not having a period this month. I think this because of the fact I have opened myself up to the universe which has resulted in my own personal energy being different to how it was previously and I believe it has effected my menstrual cycle.

I am a virgin so I am certainly not pregnant, I am not worried about the fact I have missed a period (it normally starts around the 15th/16th of each month) but I am hoping that it is just a one off occurrence, that the timing of my cycle has been effected and will settle down in time for next month. What do you think?

I have experienced all my usual symptoms as I do each month but that has been it, even the water retention has disappeared and that normally goes gradually as the days go by until the end of my period.

I am not aware of a woman's menstrual cycle being effected by spiritual energy to the extent of it resulting in a missed period but I am very interested to know more although it could be that I am completely wrong!!

I would very much like to know what think and what you have to say because to be honest I am at a loss as to why I have missed a period, I can think of no other explantion, the only thing I have been doing differently is following the program I spoke of earlier.


Hi - I know that when a friend of mine was doing a lot of spiritual work and was on a very cleansing diet, her vibration got very high and very light, and she did stop having her menstrual cycle.

As I tune in, however, what is showing up is that you are "allergic" to (which often means in resistence to or having a reaction against) your lower self, or instinctual nature, which would include parts of you that you may, perhaps unknowingly, consider to be "less than" or not as "spiritual" as other parts of you. All of life, every part of us, is God, and is spiritual. The body, with all of its functions, is a gift, an amazing, self healing, work of art.

You may want to check in and see if you have a belief about some parts of you, your physical body and its functions, being less than, and therefore rejecting them in some way. I invite you to check in to see if you have a dislike of them. Sometimes we don't even want to incarnate in a physical body because we have a judgment of the physical and we think that being only in a light body is where its at and "higher". But, life in physical form is an incredible opportunity to grow and evolve and is a tremendous gift. There are ways to become less dense, and more conscious, and I fully believe that that is a crucial part of the journey - but we can do that and also value being in a physical body - we just keep refining it, and we do get lighter - but it's important also to value, honor, and cherish the vehicle through which we are able to have a physical life and learn so much. See if any of this resonates with you.

A good prayer to say around this, if you find that you have a resistence to certain body functions, or your instinctual nature, is:

"All the places in my mind, body, and life where this has been a problem are healing now."

Many blessings, Ayal

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