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"What's wrong with my granddaughter who's behaving abnormally?"

I have a soon to be 4 years old granddaughter that I love dearly but that in my opinion is not acting "right". I do not know if she has an attention deficiency or other type of emotional problem.

I inquired from the lady that takes care of her a couple days a week if she has noticed if S acts sometimes differently from the other children and she told me that on some occasions S's mind appears to be blank, or she does not understand what she is told.

S at times has problem communicating, which I believe is due to the fact that we speak Spanish and English at home and that could probably could be a reason, but, S's mother (my daughter) grew up in a home where both languages were spoken and she did not have any communication or understanding problems.

S is very moody for her age. As far as I remember none of our daughters was ever like that.

An example of the strange behavior that I have observed in my granddaughter: We were at the supermarket yesterday and she was sitting in my shopping cart when all of the sudden she started yelling for no apparent reason. When I asked to stop she did not respond until I held her hand and told her to stop... then she understood, but immediately started again and when I called her attention she laughed, the more I told her not to do it, the more she did it and laughed at the same time.

My daughter decided to enroll S in dancing classes and twice a week my wife and I take her. I hate to say that the teacher spends quite some time telling S to pay attention. She perturbs the class and I know that the mothers of the other little girls are not happy with S's behavior.

My wife and I have told the parents several times our concern, and they say that it is normal for a 4 year old to act the way S acts.

S has a serious sleeping problem, and the father decided to buy her a sleeping bag, because she had been found sleeping in the hallway, on the stairs, on the floor in the dining room. She has a big beautiful room, but refuses to sleep in her bed.

Please tell me where can I find information regarding this problem.

I know that she has a problem but the parent are on denial and I am going to be sure that the problem is taken care of NOW, not when it's too late. I handled juvenile cases in Court for many years as a prosecutor and I know that the lack of attention to the problem in the beginning ends with ALL kind of problems.


Hi - well, what I am getting is that S's problems are physically based. Her lower vertebrae need some adjustment, and what also showed up for her was heavy metal toxicity. My suggestion to you, although you are not the parent, so it may not be an easy thing to persuade her parents to do this, is to get S checked out for heavy metal toxicity, which can have all sorts of strange effects on a person - lead poisoning, we know, can cause all sorts of damage, and the other heavy metals can also have serious effects - and get her to a good chiropractor. Have her throughly checked out, for allergies etc. while she's there. Heavy metal toxicity can be detected through sending urine to a laboratory. Many medical doctors now know how to check for it.

Blessings, Ayal

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