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"Any recommendations for buying a mattress?"

Do you have any recommendations on what to look for in a new mattress/boxspring? It seems we start getting backaches after only a few years with a new mattress. (We always buy the FIRMEST!)

We are in our 50's, both have herniated discs, and I have fibromyalsia. We are AGAIN looking for a new mattress, but I am being told that a very FIRM mattress is not good for our aches and pains. Please help!


Hello. Well, there are 2 things I can suggest:

1) Find out about the mattresses offered through companies that deal with magnetic products. I think one is called Nikkon. Their mattresses have magnets embedded in them (you don't feel them) that work with healing and relieving muscle tension and difficulties. I have one, and it works beautifully.

2) Check into what has caused the herniated discs and fibromyalsia and work with healing those situations. Everything can be healed when you recognize and deal withn what has created the condition. A bit more effort required than just finding the right mattress, perhaps, but well worth it.

Blessings, Ayal

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