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"I get irritable and impatient before menstruation"

I would appreciate any advice you have on prementrual syndrome (premenstrual disphoric disorder).

From approximately day 20-27 (usually flows on day 29-ish) - which I guess is the time my body is scaring up nutrients for the blood cells which it will later shed, and thus depriving the rest of my systems - I get the following symptoms: irritability, impatience, anger, and escapism.

I don't get any physical symptoms associated with my flow. Although when I was on progesterone cream for a couple of months for PMS, I started getting sore breasts and cramps again like I did before I had my 2 children.

I am working on personal growth and "get" that I am personally responsible for my interactions with others. I "get" that I need to live my life in the present moment. I understand that this period of time can be a time for extensive spiritual growth.

I've been researching this for a few years, but look forward to your input.


Hi - what I am getting about this for you is that the issue is: you really dislike the whole menstrual thing and wish it didn't exist. Because of that, those symptoms such as anger, irritability, etc. are expressed. If you were to love this cycle instead, and have affection for it, and all that pertains to it on all levels including physically, this would change your experience dramatically. If you notice the words you used - "scaring up nutrients for the blood cells which it will later shed, and thus depriving the rest of my systems" - it's pretty revealing. Words are simply symbols for energy. You used the word "scaring" and "depriving" - both pretty highly charged words.

How do you feel scared and deprived by having a menstrual cycle? I get that you are still attached to something in the past that happened that created this way of your viewing things. Whatever that event was, it would be good to cut the cords that are still binding you to it, and release it.

Do you know what the menstrual cycle, or moon time, as I call it, really is? It is a woman's true source of Spiritual power. It is the energy we carry of the cycle of life - we follow the moon - we flow with the rythms of the sea, which is moved in its infinite cycles, its ebbs and flows, by the power of the moon. The sea takes up most of this planet, and is the source from which all of life came, is that not right? This ocean of life is symbolically represented in our bodies as well, as we are - what? 90% salt water? It is the vast ebb and flow of energy in the universe, the tides of life, that we are a microsocm of in our own bodies.

We women bond together in this power, since, when one woman has her moon time, and others are around her, they begin to cycle together, as droplets of water form the sea and flow in harmony and unison together. It's pretty amazing. It is the ability to create life made manifest - the ability to create anything. Women are the creative force, both physically and in the visionary sense. When women had their moon lodges, a sacred time of ceremony where they went when they had their moon time, that was the time, in tribal societies, when they would bring forth visions for the entire tribe. That was the time when they walked between the worlds of physical reality and the world of Spirit, bringing Spirit into the world, and they would bring forth the visions of what was needed to heal and empower the tribe as a whole, as well as what was need to heal individuals.

I was told once, during a mystical experience I had, that were any sick person brought to a group of women mooning, in a sacred setting, such as a moon lodge, any illness could be healed. Pretty powerful. Still need to be angry or escape from that?

Then, later, when a woman no longer menstruates, or moons, she "holds her blood", and all that life force becomes great, great wisdom, used to create life, not physically, but through an immense wisdom of Being. One then becomes "a wise woman" - something that has been so misunderstood for centuries. All of this power is so intense that those who feared it maligned it and turned it into a joke, or something negative, which we, as women, began to believe - "I have the curse going on" etc. Can you imagine what we missed, thinking of it that way? Not a curse, a blessing, and a great power and responsibility - the responsibility to carry and bring forth life, and wisdom, and healing. Ever notice that in any class or seminar on healing, that it's 97% women attending?

When a woman moons, that is when she has the focused ability to release from her system and from her family, or her environment, any poisons, both physical and energetic, that have accumulated. I found that my moontime would often delay until I had truly come to understand some deep issue that was going on for me or my family, and when I got to the core of it, then my moontime would come to release it.

So - perhaps you knew this - perhaps not. But definitely, the moontime is to be cherished and understood for what it truly is. Perhaps seeing it this way will change things for you.

Blessings, Ayal

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