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"I'm unhappy in my job but scared to leave and find an alternative"

I feel so unhappy in my job. I deal with state benefits and most of the time this means irrate impatient people who are constantly wanting something and there are always lots of work that I never seem to clear. I just feel it isn't right for me. I take peoples' nastiness personally and feel I am too sensitive for the job. I feel creative and want to do a job I feel a sense of purpose from. But I am too scared to move from a paid full time job. Should I take steps to move forward and find an alternative job?


Hi -

The purpose of my work and this column is not only to help you, in the sense of advising you what to do, but also to educate you how to figure things out for yourself. That way you evolve in consciousness and understanding and can be empowered as you learn how to navigate, on your own, through life successfully. If I always give people the answers and simply figure it out for them, how does that really help in the long run? That's why I put the information on the Laws of the Universe and the Getting Clear form.

So, please read the information presented here first before you send in a question. That way we both start with deeper understandings and common ground. I trust that this information will empower you and help you to find your way regarding many of the issues you have going on in your life.

If you do that, and work with what your issue is, tracking and looking into it in order to identify it and figure it out, you will become a stronger, clearer, more successful human being. Then, if you are still having some difficulty understanding how the laws work, or understanding the concepts, or you can't seem to pinpoint the issue, I am very glad to help refine and clarify what may be going on.

Use this high consciousness knowledge. It's a gift from high places, and is here to help us become all that we can be. Read the information, use the formulas to change beliefs, and take a look at how the principles apply to your situation, to what you desire to create or change, first. Then we'll go from there as needed, to heal, and clarify, and empower. Thank you.

Blessings, Ayal

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