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"Do you have an insight about the cause of hayfever?"

Hi Ayal,

I have had hayfever for a few years now. Recently I have tried healing it through energy healing and mind/body work. I think I have had some sucess but it continues to persist. The main symptoms I experience at the moment are nasal congestion and a runny nose, which have increased since the cold weather a few months ago (I live in the southern hemisphere). I would love to hear any insights you may have.


Hi - thanks for writing in.

What showed up for you was a need to be in harmony, or accordance, with your divine life plan. Hay fever is an allergic reaction, symbolically, to the natural world, or, we could say, to the natural order of things. So, the message I am getting for you is that somewhere along the way you got into some resistance or got a bit befuddled about following your life plan. Part of this may have to do with being able to not take on the energy or beliefs of others, so that you stay clear about who you are and what you came here to do. My info also said your lack of accordance with your life path had to do with a past life, and that some past life work to find out about this would be helpful. What is needed is some tuning into the Self. Here is a good intention to put out: "I am in accordance with my divine life path and access balance, integration, and congruency on all levels."

What also showed up was that this situation had to do with ego. Ego can become a resistance to the higher path, to being willing to see the Oneness of all Life, to surrendering to Spirit, to who you really are, to removing separateness, and that is possibly what your allergic reactions may be showing you. A good question to ask yourself might be: "What is my need here?" What do you choose to create and to feel? Allow yourself to feel whatever that may be deeply, in order to bring that desire into manifestation.

It would be good to do some cleansing of your bladder as well.

There seems to be some sensitivity on your part to negative energy around you that you may be picking up - that depletes your immune system and allows allergic reactions. For the immune system to be strong, joy is required. The immune system was not made to deal with the heavy stresses of negative emotions. It breaks down under them. Exercises to keep your space clear, using the white light as a protection as well as a clearing agent would be a good practice to do 3 times a day. Flow the white light through your body, visualizing it as a white glowing light above your head that descends into and flows through your entire body, removing any energy that isn't yours. Then send that energy with love into the earth. Surround yourself with it also, like a beautiful glowing cocoon of energy that only allows appropriate energy into your space, energy that is for your Highest Good.

So, three things on the physical level to help with this condition:

1) Use the deep red Aura-Soma essence (pomander) for grounding, protection from negative energy, and revitilization. Order it from or look up Aura-Soma on the Internet.

2) Also, using the St. Germain quintessence Aura-Soma product would be good for transforming negative energies into positive ones.

3) Do this exercise to repair the aura - to start with, do it for 20 seconds, twice a day:

Raise your arms at 60 degree angles at either side of the body with your fingers closed and thumbs pointing out. Then do the Breath of Fire, a kundalini yoga breathing method, where you contract your stomach, pulling it in toward the body, in and out, rapidly and continuously, while rapidly breathing in and out, non stop, through the nose in fast little snorts, with the emphasis on the exhale. Eventually, build up to doing this exercise for 1 minute. Make sure that you drink lots of water afterwards, as this is a deeply purifying breath and is extremely powerful. Do NOT try to start off doing it for one minute, but gradually build up to it. I'd suggest that you do this for 2 months.
That's it.

Many blessings, Ayal

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