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"I am afraid for my friend who has fibromyalsia - can you help her?"


I have a friend that was recently diagnosed with fibromyalsia and hope you can provide some information so I can share it with her. I think after the diagnosis she is a bit relieved, in that she didn't know why she was always tired and hurt. I have read very little and wonder what medicine is usually prescribed? Is there a natural remedy that she can try that has been proven to help. Would it be advisable for her to see a specialist rather than an MD? I am worried this disease can get the best of her early on and I want to help! Thanks for you help.


Hi -

I understand your concern for your friend, but two things are important to look at here: (1) are you going into fear yourself around this? and (2) you may need to understand that you can support and love your friend, but that she needs to find her own way with this, with her own ability and power.

You can certainly offer to give her the web site address, or let her know that you are into helping her research modes of treatment, if that is what she wants to do. But, this is her healing, and it's up to her to find her way and make choices to find the best path of healing for herself. For you to do it for her is to put out an energy that says you don't have faith in her ability as a soul to be strong and capable and powerful, and that is buying into Fear, not Love. That doesn't serve her.

As far as what treatments are best, my suggestion would be to go to a really good naturopathic clinc that deals with fibromyalsia. There is one in North Carolina called the Carolina Health Center in Black Mountain (828/684-5510). They may know of others in your area that they can recommend. But again, this is up to your friend to choose. Many things can cause or aggravate fibromyalsia - environmental pollutants, for instance, as well as emotional issues and patterns of energy. Often fibromyalsia is a way to slow oneself down and therefore have time to face issues in one's life that haven't been faced before. For your friend, I'm getting that cleansing and healing her large intestine would be a good thing to do, among others.

The second chakra issue of giving and receiving energy in life, from and to others, is an issue for her - this has to do with having her own power and not turning that power over to others. How surprised are we that if we turn our power immediately over to others - if we don't believe we either can have power ourselves, or deserve or are capable of having power of our own - that we end up tired-out with no energy or power to call our own? Many people do this in their relationships. They immediately think someone else is stronger, better, wiser, etc. and that they aren't, and therefore someone else has to do it for them. Or they think that if they don't turn their power over to another, they will lose the relationship. And isn't it interesting that it seems that you are doing exactly that for her now, buying into that belief that someone else has to do it for her, instead of having faith in her that she can do this for herself, hmmm.....? If you buy into this false belief of hers, and think that you have to take care of her, it may be because you have a matching issue of your own about power, which would be your issue to look at.

Issues of power - and we all have them, or we wouldn't still be here on the planet - usually have to do with fear, feelings of not being safe, and then the need to control life or others in some way. Usually we match issues with the people we are close to - we mirror the same issues for one another. If she has as issue of not feeling in control or having her power, the likelihood is that both of you mirror that for each other in some way - do you feel or think that others don't have power and that it's up to you to take care of them? If you do, this is really a belief or a fear that you, yourself, don't have power, and taking care of others is often a way to try to feel that you have some control over life, a way to try to feel safe. But safety comes from knowing who we really are and from accepting the true power that we all do have.

You can both serve one another, and yourselves better, by having compassion for someone and supporting one another, but allowing each of you to face your own fears and issues and trust that each of you is a powerful soul with all the ability in the world to create, manifest, and take care of whatever you each need to in life. Just food for thought. But that faith in yourself gives you faith in another, and when you trust and allow yourself (and therefore everyone else) to have your own power, you mirror THAT back to another, without the need to take care of, without one being strong and one being weak, etc, and THAT is the best gift, the best thing you can do for another person.

Blessings, Ayal

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