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"What role could water and salt have in my viral condition?"

Dear Ayal,

I've been ill for a long time with severely painful systemic arthritis. The doctors diagnosis is Psoriatic arthritis, although I don't in fact have psoriasis. The illness appears to have links with Ankylosing Spondylitis, psoriasis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have none of the symptoms of any of these. The link is a gene, called B27 that seems to pre-dispose carriers to become ill with one or another of these, if they're unlucky and come into contact with a trigger. On the whole I've been avoiding doctors and their drugs, because I haven't had confidence in their judgment. It's my suspicion that I drank contaminated water sometime in the early 1980's, and became infected with a bug called yersinia, which being left untreated (as it caused no obvious symptom) developed into a chronic illness, affecting my joints. So strongly did I suspect this that I asked my doctor to do a sweep for any strange bacteria or virus, 5 years ago, and sure enough, she found that I'd been exposed to yersinia. It's normally a mild bug, but people with B27 can have trouble getting rid of it. It should have all gone now. I had herbal treatment for it, antibiotics having failed to clear it. But the pain still isn't budging. I'm having color puncture which does seem to affect me, easing the pain temporarily. But I'm writing to ask whether you have any ideas about the role that water and salt might play in my treatment? Specifically potassium salt? I live in Lancashire, in UK. Many thanks for your kind attention. I look forward to your comments.


Hi -

It sounds as if you have suffered long enough with this! I understand how difficult it is to live with a painful condition for a long time. The information I am getting is that you CAN manifest something different here if you know how to do it. For us to be able to manifest something different, we first of all have to believe that we can. You have a lot of sadness going on, and some hopelessness too that you will need to release in order to create what you desire here. I think that you very much need to attend a workshop by Gregg Braden. He explains, the best of anyone I know, how to do this, and his workshops are incredible. Look him up on the Internet, and see if you can find a workshop by him in your area soon.

I don't know much about water and salts - I do know that water crystals in the body (and we are more than 70% water, I think it is), are totally healed, changed, and transformed even when we just simply say positive words - and they are harmed and degenerate when we say negatively associated words. I've seen slides of this transformation and it is amazing! And, even stronger than words, if you are creating and broadcasting very strong, positive feelings, and you also KNOW that what you desire has already happened, you believe in it without a doubt (in other words: you see it as having happened already, and you put that knowledge/feeling/understanding to work for yourself, feeding that into the cells of your body), what we call "miraculous" healings happen. These are just the ways, actually, that the Laws of the Universe work.

Using the turquoise Aura-Soma pomander will help you to allow this creative communication of your heart to manifest what you choose. When you understand what Gregg Bragen has to say about how we manifest from our feelings, this will all make more sense to you. He has books out also, which speak about this. But I invite you to see if you can attend a workshop with him. It's definitely life changing. Also, the olive-green Aura-Soma pomander for courage will be helpful for you.

So, you need to do some re-framing of how you think in order to manifest new events for yourself. Let go of the past and start with how you choose to have things NOW. You have to stop believing or thinking in terms of "illness."

Also, you definitely need to do some healing/cleansing/strengthening with your liver.

Organic peanut oil, rubbed on the body, is excellent for arthritis, and also taking 2 tablespoons a day of organic, virgin, cold pressed olive oil heals conditions such as psoriasis. So, you might try working with those. Polarity sessions would be useful also.

One other thing: if you know how to do a shamanic journey, do one, asking for your Power. If you are not familiar with this, look up the Foundation for Shamanic Studies on the net and see if there is a practitioner near you who can guide you through this. There may also be tapes available to facilitate this.

There are naturopathic doctors who work with a machine that is set up with electrodes. This machine is very high tech and zaps and eradicates bacteria, viruses, and parasites with certain frequencies. I don't know whether or not this could help in your case, but it might very well be something worth looking into.

I send you best wishes for the healing of this condition.

Blessings, Ayal

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