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"I have bad teeth problems - what could be behind this?"

Hi - I would like to ask a question about very bad teeth problems. I have 3 loose front crowns which have not healed. I just had a 2nd root canal (tooth behind left canine) but I'm scared it did not heal the infection. I have been trying to save these teeth but is it better to have them removed for healing? And should I go to my husband (who is a dentist) or to a holistic dentist? Please let me know what you pick up. This situation has my life sort of paralyzed because I don't know the best step to take. Since I also have debts, I have to incur more debt to take care of this health problem.


Hi - certain teeth, I have heard, correspond to certain organs in the body, and if that organ is weak, the teeth can reflect that. A couple of things came up for you. One was that you are allergic to an animal....(?) I don't know if you are around an animal a lot or not, but if you are, and if you are having an allergic reaction without knowing it, allergic reactions can cause all sorts of severe conditions in the body that we don't even realize the extent of. Perhaps a chiropractor can check you out for this. The second thing was that your liver and gall bladder need healing and are toxic. A good chiropractor can also deal with this.

What is also showing up for you is a need to meditate on your ability to trust life - that is the crown chakra (crown teeth - interesting, yes - being affected) at the top of the head. See a beautiful violet light there, and allow and ask for healing to come to you to allow that issue to heal. Trust is a big, big issue for you. How can you heal if you don't trust life to begin with, or trust that you can?

An issue of addiction is showing up as well. Do you have any addictions going on? When there is a trust issue, often people go to outside substances for support or to escape from the fear, or it can even be an addiction to a certain way of thinking or feeling about things that need to be changed. Do you have a lot of blaming or guilt going on? Basically, what I am getting is that it would be good for you to go through the whole chakra sysytem and clear it up, up level it, and cleanse yourself out on many levels. See what the life lesson is in each one, and see what you need to understand about each life lesson. I'm getting that your second chakra needs some help too, and that deals with the quality of creativity, creating loving and healthy relationships, giving and receiving pleasure. If you would like to read about this, get hold of Caroline Myss's book Anatomy of the Spirit. Holotropic breathwork would also be good for you to do, to work through some of these issues.

Blessings, Ayal

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