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"What issues could be related to problems I am having with my stomach?"

Dear Ayal,

The question I have on my mind right now has to do with healing my stomach. I am now under the care of an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and I am scheduled to see a Naturopath . It is very complex so I don't know exactly what to ask. Do you have any suggestions as to possible issues attached to this difficulty?


Hi -

I got quite a bit of info for you on your stomach. There seem to be some branches that loop around but basically come back to the main issue. I'll discuss them.

The first issue that strongly showed up was Lack of Love, and Anxiety, anxiety for unknown reasons, or of the unknown. The antidote for that showed up as massage, grounding, and very strongly indicated is a flower essence made from basil, called Basil, which can be ordered from the Flower Essence Society. Their telephone number is 530/265-9163. Basil deals with conflict in relationship. Mostly I get that this conflict is in your intimate, personal relationship.

You also seem to have a negative entity attached to you. There are various ways to deal with that. You can get in touch with it through meditation and ask/call in the highest teachers and guides/archangels of light to remove it, or work with someone who facilitates this level of work. I can give you some referrals if you decide to go that route.

Some shamanic work seems to be indicated as soul loss showed up. You need to call your spirit back from some situation. You can do this on your own, or with a facilitator. Caroline Myss speaks of this in her book Why People Don't Heal, which also comes in tape form. Sandra Ingerman also speaks of it in her book Soul Retrieval. There are shamanic practitioners who offer soul retrieval sessions. The contact person for soul retrieval info can be reached at 505/271-9306.

Other information offered indicated that you are needing to balance the feminine energy in yourself - you need some more information about it in some area. This can be done in meditation also. You can tune into it, ask it to speak with you. There seems to be an energy needing to be dealt with regarding blame and criticism in the environment: since our outer environment is a reflection of our inner, that may mean that your inner feminine projects the expectation of being criticized into your outer environment and thus you manifest it there. It may even be that you manifested your significant other as a critical person in some way. This leads us back to the feeling of anxiety present, which is usually experienced in the stomach area. Check out any issue you may have, consciously or otherwise, regarding victim/dominator scenarios. Or difficulty in confronting, or feeling fear regarding how others confront you. This is usually a feminine issue, very ancient in its beginnings.

There is some balancing needing to be done on both your 5th and 6th chakras. Energy work would be helpful. The Basil flower remedy will definitely help this.

That seems to be it. A lot of information. Good luck and fruitful journeys on your way to healing. Wishing you all the best.


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