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Your Sense of Power

I think it would be useful for all readers of this site to carefully look over these questions, and taking it piece by piece, ask yourself how you do in the areas each question asks about. This is a great vehicle for locating where you are at with your own sense of power and your ability to support, value, and take care of yourself. If you sit with these questions and explore them, it will allow you to have a better love for and relationship with yourself, as well as function better in relationship, and life in general. If you find that beliefs or issues come up for you that you wish to change, use the formula for changing core beliefs found in the Laws of the Universe offered on this site.


  1. Where am I at with understanding and accepting that every relationship I develop serves as a mirror for myself, helping me to become more conscious?

  2. Have I learned to see myself as reflected by the relationship I'm in? In other words, do I see that whatever issues I see in others are MY OWN, internal issues being reflected back to me?

  3. How well do I make and use the power of choice? How am I with personal and professional decision making ability and talent?

  4. Do I still have fear or doubt regarding my ability to survive physically and financially on my own? Where am I at regarding issues of power, money, self sufficiency? Do I get seduced by the world of seductive forces (sex, money, other people, etc)? Do I sell myself out in any way to get these things? Am I in any kind of emotional, mental, or physical bondage or attachment to authority, money, people, other power sources outside of myself?

  5. Do I set people up as an authority over me, as a boss, partner, etc., and then feel resentful, angry, lost, or afraid?

  6. Where am I at regarding issues that deal with personal identity and boundaries? How well do I defend and protect myself? Do I go into fight or flight? Am I able to calmly confront others and present or express my own truth about a matter or state how I feel? Do I speak from the “I” place, or from “YOU did this?”

  7. Where am I at in my ability to take risks?

  8. Where am I at regarding my resilience to recover from loss?

  9. Where am I at with my desire to create? How well do I manage creative energy, fulfill my own needs, do what I love to do, and contribute? Do I take responsibility for fulfilling myself and creating my life as I choose it to be?

  10. How well am I able to honor and care about others?

  11. How well do I manage sexual power? Where am I at with my sexual energy?

  12. Where am I regarding any need to control the dynamics of my physical environment? Do I have a need to control people or situations, and if so, do I understand that this comes from fear? Am I able and willing to explore what that fear is about and where it comes from?

  13. Do I consciously choose to form unions with people who support my development, and can I release relationships that handicap my growth? Do I feel afraid, small, helpless, or turn over my power and decision making ability to others when in relationship?

  14. When I feel uncomfortable, or life is going badly, do I blame others or circumstances for my problems , or do I ask: "Do I have inferiority, insecurity, or inadequacy up in myself right now?"If so, can I give myself love encouragement, understanding, and support? Am I willing to explore those issues in myself?
So - these are some great questions to explore to move you forward and shift out of and/or not create dysfunctional patterns and/or relationships. Try it and see what you get, being really honest with yourself - and, if you choose to, then ask to see how to shift that pattern into something better for you.

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