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Eight Tips To Successfully Sell Your House Without Stress

Selling a home is not a simple task, but to carry out this action effectively and without stress, factors such as the context of the real estate market, the necessary documentation or even knowing what the best time of year is must be taken into account to sell a house.

However, despite this notable increase, the process of buying and selling a home is stressful. In this article, we have established a series of steps or advice necessary to sell a home without this posing a challenge.

1. Carry Out A Real Estate Appraisal

First of all, the first step is for a professional such asMinnesota Home Guys to carry out an appraisal of the home that is as accurate as possible, that is, to calculate the value of our home. However, the appraisal value does not have to be the same as the sale value, since if we believe that we can get more for it, we will raise its price, although if we want to sell it quickly, we will lower the price.

2. Research the Market

Likewise, it is necessary to know the price range of similar homes that are in the same area to establish the best price. To do this, it is important to access a real estate portal to find out what prices the competition's apartments have.

3. Have The Documentation In Order

Managing procedures and paperwork is one of the most stressful tasks for sellers. Therefore, this person should know that the documentation necessary to sell an apartment varies depending on the phase in which it is:

  • Before putting the apartment on sale: The only document necessary in this phase is a simple note from the property registry, that is, which specifies who is the owner of the home, its characteristics, and whether this property has loads.
  • Once the apartment is on sale and during its promotion: In this phase, you must have the Energy Efficiency Certificate that includes the energy characteristics of the property's facilities and their rating. This is mandatory, unlike housing plans, which can be provided optionally. Likewise, depending on the autonomy, the habitability certificate must be requested, which certifies that the property is habitable.
  • At the signing of the sale: Once the sale has been signed, the latest invoices for supplies, the certificate of being up to date with community expenses, the zero debt certificate, and the deed of sale must be delivered.

4. Prepare the Home

Before putting the home up for sale, the seller must condition it to get the most out of this property using Home Staging. This is a technique that consists of making up homes and getting them sold beforehand either through decoration, making the home smell good, or simply through order.

5. Promote Housing

The seller must use all the tools at his disposal to adequately promote the home, such as word of mouth or real estate agencies and portals, thus reaching the buyer.

6. Negotiate Conditions

Several people may be interested in the home for sale, therefore, the seller must choose the offer that best suits them and negotiate with the future owner the conditions and price of the house.

7. Prepare the Deposit Contract

Before signing the deed, it is advisable to sign a deposit contract in which all the conditions of the sale are specified so that both parties commit to its completion.

This document must contain the personal data of both parties; the description and identification of the home; the final price and payment method: the amount of the down payment; the time established to formalize the sale; the commitment by both parties to sign the deed; and the signature of both the buyer and the seller.

8. Sign the Public Deed before a Notary

Finally, the person interested in selling their house must go to the notary to sign the public deed, since as this document contains many legal aspects, it is best to have it reviewed by a notary.

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