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The Stable Person

One's state of being is the way one perceives the world and in particular the resistances and conflicts that obscure awareness of inner truth. The stability that a person achieves through personal development training (such as the 'New Life Course' course) can be seen as a grounding for 'The Insight Project', where his underlying transpersonal issues are handled, with the aim of achieving a high level of self-actualization.

There are three lower states of being, with many shades of grey in between :

1) The person who has been making out on social machinery all his life and is not aware of state of being. Anything that goes wrong in his affairs is down to bad luck and the other guy's causation - someone who would enter with Survival Needs on Transformational Psychology.

2) The person who is aware that he has problems in certain areas, because things are not as he thinks they should be - there are body pains, bad emotions and other discomforts. He has got parts of his mental equipment and body too charged up to be tolerable. He uses reactive responses to handle life and other people, rather than mindful responses, but he recognizes a need for change. The person would have unresolved Acceptance and Self-Esteem Needs before one-to-one counseling based on Transformational Psychology.

3) Then there is the person who is somewhat in control of his mental equipment. He is not too easily overwhelmed, he is fairly stable and uses logic, reason and persuasion to handle other people. He does not become completely immersed in his case but is aware when he is manifesting or experiencing reactive responses, and is able to be causative over it, even when disturbed. He has a clear concept of himself as a being, separate from his problems and conflicts.

“Only steely-eyed confront is going to make it, because lies, misattribution of ownership, irresponsibility and unwillingness to cause, are the real issue.”
This last is the stable person, the condition someone should be in, to be able to run the self-administered procedures of The Insight Project, where he will be handling the heavy emotion and effort of his actual case, and he won't run-away when the going gets tough and will hang in there and continue to correct his mistakes honestly. Someone who understands basic data of the mind and can duplicate his instructions without altering them. Who is honest enough and whose confront is high enough that he is willing to look without maintaining reference to status, or looking good; not withholding unpleasant aspects of his personality; and willing to tell it as it is, with no tricks to avoid confront, justifications for bad actions and other such added significances to the truth of his own causation. Only steely-eyed confront is going to make it, because lies, misattribution of ownership, irresponsibility and unwillingness to cause, are the real issue.

This state of being is a result of enough charge being released that the rudimentary elements of stability - the essential aspects of his relationship with life - stay in place, short of the house catching fire, a bankruptcy order and his spouse leaving him, all on the same day. The upper level material of The Insight Project still lives with him in present time - it is right under his nose and he is not in control of it. It is running him lock, stock and barrel. But he has only to get a whiff of it and he is away, and will work without anyone directing him, because he is on a home run.

At this point - and only at this point, when the primary needs of safety, acceptance, mastery and self-esteem are met - the stage is set to explore the need for self-actualization and spiritual growth. The 'spiritual quest' is all too often undertaken as an escape from the pain and confusion of both the material world and the inner world, as a way not to have to confront and handle those things. Essentially, people want to graduate from life, without having learned what life is there to teach. A flight from the rigours of life and a consequent compulsion toward a spiritual quest can result in cultishness and fanaticism. Religious devotees are driven. And what drives them? The need to escape into a fog of religiosity from pain that they are unwilling to confront and handle. True self-realization is surely a path towards consciousness, not a form of anaesthesia.

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