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Want to live without worry and frustration? With clarity and insight? On a path toward fulfillment? The New Life Course is the course for you...

The New Life Course is a complete personal development course which can really turn your life around. Clearing mental and emotional blocks will enable you to look at the world with a more aware and open mind - left brain and right brain working in harmony. No longer suppressing your needs, wants and feelings, you can start to live your life's purpose! And so begin a new life of greater fulfillment and happiness.

The New Life Course is designed to smoothly and gradiently develop mental resources that open up new ways of understanding. You will learn how to make difficult decisions, think more objectively without negative feelings from the past, have a clear mind open to all your intuitive resources, manage stress and upsets in your life, improve your personal relationships, dramatically boost self-esteem - and live much more consciously.

The New Life Course

The New Life Course is based on principles which have helped thousands of people, endorsed by experts over the centuries. It is developed by Peter Shepherd, author of Transforming the Mind and Daring to be Yourself - the former is free to read online and the latter is a special bonus eBook that is free to download for purchasers of the New Life Course !

Indeed, the New Life Course could be said to be the "workbook" to accompany Daring to Be Yourself. Here the emphasis is on practical techniques, not background theory. A step by step approach is followed throughout to help you uncover and remove the barriers to self-knowledge and freedom of expression and action. You work through the exercises and each time implement what you have learned in your daily life, to acquire invaluable new skills.

The New Life Course teaches a series of concepts and techniques to form a complete program. The course is designed to smoothly and gradiently develop your mental resources...

  • You will learn the vital thinking skills. You get to be a master of problems and their solution, and an expert on deciding the best course of action to take!

  • You will learn to organize your life better, to reduce stress and be more capable. These are skills in the real world of actions and reactions. Further techniques serve to develop your self-esteem, become more assertive and more able to communicate effectively.

  • You will examine the ways that language impacts upon us - upon the ways that we think, feel and act. Self-defeating patterns of behavior are usually linked to the use and misuse of language. In the course we learn about language, and how it affects our feelings and perception. How we can clarify language and use it persuasively. When issues become muddled or upsets and disagreements occur, it is valuable to be able to analyze just what is going on.

  • You will break down the barriers that block communication between different parts of your mind, and rebalance the mind to integrate left-brain beliefs with right-brain feelings. The course helps to resolve conflicts within the self. The conflicts between different parts of the mind (such as fixed ideas, emotional upsets, beliefs or decisions) are forces which lead us to do what we'd rather not do, or not to do what we'd like to do.

  • You will also learn to focus the mind, easily and at will, in different directions and at the same time to be openly receptive to new information. And to enhance the faculty of imagination as a tool for clarity, insight, intuition and creativity.

  • You will put the past behind you! The course shows how to clear out the mental debris of the past: the failures, bad experiences, misunderstandings, unfortunate decisions, unresolved emotional upsets, guilt, negative thoughts and childhood thinking affecting you still. By learning how you made these unwanted mental conditions, and how to eliminate them, you will also learn how to create new, more appropriate ways of thinking - to serve you better now, with all the benefits of your adult understanding.

Fulfill your needs...

The information and techniques contained in this course are based on the best of what is workable. You do not need to spend a lifetime searching and experimenting. You do not have to buy a library of books nor attend a myriad of seminars. You have it all here (see Course Contents below). Plus you will have all the help and support you require from Peter Shepherd.

"Thank you for all the help you given me since I began the course. Some things have been real life-shifters for me and I now look at my life and my friends and everything which happens in a completely different way. It's all an exciting game of learning and I'm learning so much! I no longer worry about myself or what other people think, I just enjoy being me and I enjoy others being themselves!" --H.R. (Michigan)

Now is surely the ideal time to determine your priorities and choose the best way forward. It is not good enough to struggle on and blame our circumstances. We need to realize that the path to increased happiness and fulfillment means discovering our true identity. Those who have this realization - and act on it - gain what others can only hope for. Nothing will change unless you do... all you have to lose is whatever stands in your way.

The New Life Course is just US$ 39.00!

This is a PDF eBook that you download and print yourself (if you wish)
... it is NOT a printed manual or book sent in the post

This is through our secure transaction agent, PayPal. The transaction is in the language and currency of your choice. The course is delivered in PDF format, and comes with Transforming the Mind, Daring to be Yourself and 11 more bonus eBooks! NOTE: You can use a credit card without needing a Paypal account... Just select "I don't have a Paypal account" when checking out. Paypal will securely handle the credit card transaction.


Receive an eBook copy of "Daring to Be Yourself"

Daring to be Yourself
Through his book Daring to be Yourself, Peter Shepherd will give you the courage to get out of the rut and start a new life. The book will provide invaluable understanding as you work through the New Life Course workbook. You will see how your life has been molded by your background and the society in which you live. Peter will help you cut through this conditioning to discover your true self. You will see where your experiences from the past are holding you back. You will gain tools and insights to help break free of this past conditioning and discover your real talents and capabilities.


Enjoy These Free Bonus eBooks...

  • Boost Your Confidence - How to Succeed at Being Yourself
  • Goal Realization Made Easy - Your Guidebook to Lasting Happiness
  • I Can, Therefore I Will - Unleashing the Full Potentials of Your Mind
  • Secrets of a Happy Marriage Revealed
  • Inside the Minds of Winners
  • How to Manage & Conquer Depression
  • The Obesity Terminator - Guide to Getting Rid of Excessive Body Fats
  • Sweet Sleep Right Now - Bedtime Tips for a Sound and Restful Sleep
  • The Speed Reading Monster Course


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Spend a little - live a lot!

Payment is made through our secure transaction agent, PayPal. The transaction is in the language and currency of your choice. NOTE: You can use a credit card without needing a Paypal account... Just select "I don't have a Paypal account" when checking out. Paypal will securely handle the credit card transaction.

See this article by Peter Shepherd about how
you stand to benefit from starting a new life

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Course Contents

The Lessons are divided into threads - A, B, C, D, E - which run through the course:
A. Tools for Thought
B. High Performance Living
C. Psycho-Linguistics
D. Polarity Integration
E. Concentration & Meditation
a. Problem solving & dealing with upsets
b. Creating order in your life
c. Being Specific I - Deletion
d. Positive moments
e. Breathing & relaxation techniques
a. Brainstorming
b. An introduction to stress management
c. Being Specific II - Generalization
d. Effect conditions
e. Breathing & relaxation techniques II
a. Force Field Analysis
b. Overview of stress management
c. Being Specific III - Distortions
d. Effect conditions II - a positive way of looking
e. Concentration & Meditation I
a. Developing your intuitive ability
b. Time management
c. Vague References; Drilling the Being Specific Model
d. How to make painful relationships come good
e. Developing visual imagery with Bates Techniques
a. Deciding on the best course of action
b. Self-esteem: the key factor in positive self development
c. Pacing - the hidden way of influence!
d. The Release Technique
e. Further eye exercises to help visualization and relaxation
a. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
b. Changing your mind about yourself
c. Do you mainly hear, see or feel in your mind?
d. Resolve long-standing issues with your parents
e. Discovering the artist's way of being

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