College of Christ Consciousness
Mother Mary
Channeled by Jeanne Hatch

A Message to You from Mary

Dear Ones,

I have not come forth to teach you anything new, nor to show you THE WAY or THE TRUTH, for that is within each of you and always has been.  I simply come to stir recognition to some long forgotten memories.

You may ask, "How can I discern that what you tell me is true?"   The answer to that is simple.  As you read the information on this website, pay attention to how you feel.  Does any of what you read feel familiar to you, as if you've heard it before but just can't quite remember when?  As you read you will trigger memories of ancient wisdom within you; and as you remember, your life will change.  Little by little the Illusion you've been living in will be revealed and "the Truth shall set you free", free to live, to create and to love.

Some of what you read herein will anger you.  That's wonderful!  When this happens, know that you've just discovered another erroneous belief to be explored, for all negative emotions are based in such.  As you expose each erroneous belief and unravel the distortion upon which it lives in your belief system, you come a little bit closer to remembering the Truth that you once knew so well.

I am honored that you have invited me to be part of that process.

In Service and In Love,
Mother Mary

Ultimate Truths of Reality
Synopsis of the Basic Teachings

This is a short course in Christ Consciousness.  Everyone studying this body of work will have many of their long-held beliefs challenged as they are shown how approximately 90% of what they have all been fed as being true, is really just the opposite and accounts for why things frequently don't work out in their lives as they prefer.  The world's general population has been trained to think in a way that keeps each basically powerless.  Mary's Teachings, once understood and applied, will put one's power back in one's own control.

What must change is the way you think.  Without a willingness to change what you currently believe, you will not be able to incorporate this Higher Knowledge into your life in any experiential way.  When you learn how to think differently, you create differently, because all creation begins with thought.  When you know the Ultimate Truths of Reality and align your thinking to them, you can literally create whatever you want.

Learning how to consciously create your reality also requires a readiness to accept the premise that you already do, always have and always will create your own reality.  Furthermore, all of it, everything in your life, without any exceptions, was created by none other than YOU.  It is your beliefs that are the Cause of your creations, or miscreations.  When you change your beliefs, you change your life.  Mary will show you HOW to do that.

KNOWLEDGE IS REAL POWER.  And Knowledge, combined with LOVE, is the greatest power there is.

In Service and In Love,

Jeanne Hatch

The following Ultimate Truths of Reality were given by Archangel MICHAEL, Oversoul of Mother MARY, through Jeanne Hatch.


  1. Prime Creator (God) is ALL THAT IS.  Therefore, I am Prime Creator expressing Itself as me.

    Since All That Is contains everything, I and everyone that is, has ever been, and ever will be, in all time, and in all parallel dimensions and realities must be contained within the All that is, Prime Creator, First Cause, God.  This is the nature of existence.

  2. I am not striving for perfection as I am already perfect.  What I am striving for is to remember my perfection.

    Since God is All that is, and the nature of God is perfection, then likewise, All must be perfection.

  3. No one can create, or create in, my reality but me.

    As an individualized aspect of God, I am endowed with the ability of creating my own unique experience of being God.  That experience can only be unique if I am the only one creating in it.  Because I am God, expressing Itself as me, I have no limitations on what I can create in my reality, including the illusion that someone else is doing the creating.

  4. Nothing can be in my reality unless I create it.

    Because no one can create in my reality but me, it is not possible for anything, nor anyone, to be in my reality unless I attract it there.  I attract through my beliefs.

  5. Everything in my reality is created by my beliefs.

    As aspects of the All that is, Prime Creator God, I create my own personal reality as God creates, through thought.  Everything begins with thought.  Next, I have an emotional reaction to the thought. Thought + emotion creates beliefs from which perceptions, behaviors and patterns of response are formed.  My perceived reality is thus constructed out of these personal belief systems.  Nothing can be thrust upon me.  I invite everything into my awareness through my thinking.  It is my believing that makes it so.

  6. As a Creator, I am 100% responsible for everything I create.

    It is not possible for anyone, nor anything, other than me to be responsible for my experiences if I am the only one who can create in my reality.

  7. Everything happens for a reason.

    Since God is Absolute Perfection, then nothing that God creates is pointless nor extraneous.  Therefore, as an individualized aspect of God, expressing Itself as me, the same applies to that which I create in my reality, whether or not I am consciously aware of it.

  8. There are no accidents--Nothing happens by chance.

    Since everything that is created has a reason and a purpose, then the concept of an accident must be an illusion designed to avoid taking responsibility for the creation.

  9. I create 100% of the time.  I have the power to choose whether I apply that 100% toward creating what I want or energizing what I don't want.

    As an aspect of the Infinite Creator, I, too, am infinitely and constantly creating.  How I choose to flow my thoughts and emotions determines what I attract into my world.

  10. I am the only me there is.  I am not divided into parts (conscious, subconscious, ego, etc.)

    Since God is me, therefore, I am God.  Since God Is One, therefore, I am One.  If I am One, I cannot exist as One and also exist as parts.  I can, however, choose to believe that I am in parts, and by that belief, create the illusion of being in parts.  I acknowledge that I have created this particular illusion for the purpose of more easily understanding myself as God, and choose to continue speaking as if I am divided into parts until I fully understand myself as God.

  11. All events are neutral. There are no negative experiences, although I can choose to define any experience as negative.  Therefore, if I am experiencing negativity in my life, then I have chosen it.

    Negative or positive definitions are a personal choice of a value judgment placed on any given situation or event, for the purpose of the experience. Since nothing can be in my reality unless I create it, then if it is there, and it is negative, then I have chosen for it to be there; and I have chosen to perceive it as negative. I always have another choice.

  12. There is only one vibration--Love.  Fear is the illusion of the absence, or lack of Love.

    The vibratory frequency of God, is Unconditional Love.  Everything, all that is, is created out of the essence of that unconditional love.  The perception that there is an absence or lack of love in that which comprises everything, is an illusion based on an erroneous belief.

  13. I cannot be in fear unless I believe that whatever I fear has more power than I do (refer to # 5).

    Believing that anything/anyone else has more power than I do, IS the erroneous belief that causes all fear.

  14. How l feel is a reaction to what I believe.

    All emotions are responses to thoughts. Positive emotions are responses to thoughts based in God's Ultimate Truth. Negative emotions are responses to illusionary thoughts based in fear.

  15. All dis-ease is caused by the denial of negativity within.

    Since negativity is a perception based on a value judgment placed upon a neutral event or circumstance, it is essentially an erroneous belief out of which supporting false beliefs spring.  Holding an erroneous belief system, especially in a suppressed or repressed form, creates an environment of internal discordance on a subconscious level.  Over a period of time, denial of the judgment placed upon some aspect of oneself, and then suppressed, begins to alter the cellular structure of the area of the body where the memory of the event or circumstance is stored.  This cellular alteration has been labeled disease.  It is really emotional self-judgment.

  16. There are no victims. There are only lessons.

    If God is All that is, then there is only One of us here.  Victim and victimizer are the same one idea.  Whichever role I choose to be in any situation is mirroring to me the false beliefs I hold inside, for the purpose of uncovering them.  Left unrevealed, and unacknowledged, my erroneous beliefs will attract to me their energy equivalent in physical form.  To alter the manifested effect of my error thinking, I only need to change my perception and release all judgment, which is the Cause of my creation that is being mirrored to me.  All apparent victim/victimizer situations offer me the opportunity to overcome judgment and learn about my Oneness.

  17. I am the only Authority in my life.

    If I am the only one who can create in my reality, then I must be the only Authority of it.  However, in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for being that Authority, I can choose to falsely believe, that someone or something else has power over me.

  18. Every person, place, or thing of which I become aware, is a mirror and has the potential to be a gift.

    3D "reality" is a projection of the Mind of God and, therefore, an illusion.  My personal version of this illusion, based on my perceptions, is projected from my personal mind and is mirrored back to me in everything I become aware of, for the purpose of knowing which emotions and judgments I hold inside, and for understanding what it is that I do believe.

  19. At any given moment, I am either giving love, or asking for love.

    Since I am an individualized aspect of God, my essence is Love.  At any given moment, I am either in alignment with my True nature, or I have temporarily forgotten it.

  20. I am that which I create.

    God is in all things because God is all things.  Therefore, God is what God creates.  Creator and creation are One, the same one thing.  As an individual aspect of God, I am a microcosm of Prime Creator God and, therefore, this also applies to me.  I am that which I create. (See Mini-Lessons #3.)

  21. There are no limitations.

    If I have an experience that I define as a limitation, it is happening as a result of the way I think.  The appearance of all limitation is merely an effect of error thinking.  God has no limitations; and as an aspect of God, neither do I, unless I believe that I do.  In which case I will create the appearance of limitation as a direct result of my belief. (See Mini-Lessons #5.)


Synopsis of The Basic Teachings

Mother Mary offered the following initial teachings, channeled through Jeanne Hatch, that explain how our reality is a mirror that we create of our self.  This synopsis was authored jointly by Ayal Hurst and Jeanne Hatch.

When I attach a value and a meaning to some event, I am creating a perception.  In other words, it is my choice how to interpret what happened.  I will usually interpret an event by seeing it through whatever issues or beliefs I already have going on inside of me.  In other words, how I choose to see something, the perception I have of an event, is not necessarily what is happening, but how I choose to view it.  If I have anger, I will likely interpret what someone says as sounding angry.  If I clear myself of internal issues, I can choose to and will be able to interpret things from a higher vibrational state.  Creating a perception creates how I see reality.  I am responsible therefore, for how I create my reality.

Here is an example: as a small child, I see my father being angry.  My perception of that event is that I am the reason he is angry - if I were a better child he wouldn't be angry.  This perception then becomes a part of my life.  I have a perception that I am a bad person, and therefore I always perceive that people are angry at me because I'm not good enough.  This keeps me relating to others in fear.

As soon as I give up the role of being responsible for creating my own reality, as soon as I think someone is doing something to me, I have become a victim in my own belief.  Others' responses to me are, in reality, only a reflection of my own energy, a reflection of whatever energy I am putting out, or have inside of me.  In other words, if I have a perception that someone is a hurtful person, I must have a belief that I will be hurt because I deserve to be hurt.  They, then, just play the role for me that I am expecting. I create what I believe.

When I come from the lower vibrational state, I will be viewing things as judgments.  I will make judgments about myself or about another.  The higher vibration is to see whatever happens as a mirror of myself in the Now: "I see you doing that.  I want to judge you for it.  Instead, I choose to see that it is a reflection of the energy I hold in myself.  I realize that I do that also, or have done that, and have judged myself for it."

I ask myself, "Why am I still doing that?  Where do I still hold that judgment (which I want to put out on you) about myself - where do I still think that I am not ok?"  I identify the judgment I'm making about myself.  I ask: "What part of me do I still not love and accept, and, therefore, judge?"  Then I look at the other person and think: "I don't need to judge them.  They are simply being a mirror of my own issue."  I ask: "What in me created that in my reality?"  In truth, all of us are really asking for love, which is what we all truly want and have forgotten that we already are.

Acceptance is the higher vibration of judgment.  It is beyond forgiveness, because forgiveness implies that something has been done wrong.  Whenever I look at it from being the Creator and not the victim, I see that acceptance says that all is happening perfectly, just as it is because whatever is happening enables us to grow.  If I sincerely look at it as perfect just the way it is, I immediately move into the energy of Love, Trust, and Peace.  Then there is no longer any judgment.  It is at that point that I reclaim my power, and can then use my power to change the event if I choose to do so.

I know that if I feel anger, or any other unpleasant or uncomfortable emotion, I must carry that energy within me. It isn't because of what someone else did.  The situation just reflected what was already there inside of me.  Now I have the opportunity to see what the mirror is, to see what I carry within myself that I want to change so that I can heal, grow, and love.  Therefore, seeing my reflection in another, or in a situation, is a positive and useful thing.

Lower vibration:
Higher vibration:
seeing perfection
responding from compassion

There are 3 universal fears:
(1) abandonment
(2) not feeling worthy or good enough
(3) loss of trust which = fear of surrender

Any time there is a fear, it will fall into one or more of these categories.  Each of us is born with one of these three being our core lesson to master in this lifetime.  All of our issues, no matter what they are and no matter how they came about, are related to, and can be traced back to, this core fear.

I will continue to create the same kind of situations, I will keep myself in judgment, I will reinforce the lower vibrational state of thinking that it's someone else's fault, and I will keep myself in the perception of being victimized until I resolve my own fear program and learn a new perception, a new way of thinking.

Fear is only a mask of my true desire.

Exercise to find out what my masked desire is and the erroneous belief causing my fear:
First, divide a standard size piece of writing paper into five columns. (Column headings are indicated by underlined items below.)  In the first column I list all of my fears that I want to examine.  In the second column I write what it is that I desire in relation to a particular fear.  For example, in one column I may have written: "I fear that I will get cancer or some other life threatening disease."  Then, in the other column, I write down what it is that I really want instead, "I desire perfect health."  The masked desire, then, is usually the opposite of the fear.

Label the third column "Erroneous Beliefs."  I then ask myself, "What must I believe in order to have created this fear?"  I list all the beliefs that support my fear such as, "I believe that I can get sick.  I believe that I am not strong enough to keep illness away.  I believe that cancer and other life threatening diseases have more power than I do, etc."

The fourth column is where I list my Preferred Beliefs, which are always stated in the "I AM" format, i.e. "I AM healthy, I AM strong and resilient, I AM powerful."

Determining the Ultimate Truth about myself:
Finally, the fifth column is where I state the Truth about myself, my REAL self, my God self.   "I AM Health, I AM Strength, I AM Resilience, I AM Power."  This is where I claim my Godhood and acknowledge the Truth about me is that I AM everything.  Not only am I powerful, I AM POWER itself.  I can do this because I understand that this is a holographic universe and within each piece of any hologram is the pattern of the whole.

This exercise will help me to see what my erroneous beliefs are that keep me in fear, that create the difficulty I am in, that make me see my own issues in others and judge them for it, and that keep me from manifesting what I want.


The number one addiction to an erroneous belief, what keeps me in it and seemingly unable to change it, comes from feeling guilt and shame.  That's what makes me not want to see these issues as myself.  In Reality, there is no shame or guilt. There is only growth and Love.  When I face an issue in myself, I have the chance to become even clearer, ever more loving.  And that is the perfection of the journey, of what I experience, of seeing myself in the mirror, and learning to love what I see.

The cycle of the judgment loop:

  1. I think, or hear, a thought and respond with feeling guilty.
  2. I project that guilt onto something or someone else; sometimes including myself, but usually others are my preferred target.
  3. I feel guilty about doing that.
  4. I respond with fear that I will be punished.
  5. I feel shame and hide it away so I won't have to feel it.  This is called denial.
  6. In order to get away from the shame, or fool myself into believing I am dealing with it in some way, I blame others.
  7. I feel guilty about doing that, and the loop goes on.

How to re-program an old belief:
  1. Acknowledge: Own the fear or pattern.

  2. Ask: "What keeps me believing in that fear?  What will happen if I let go of it?  What is the payoff for keeping it?  (TRUTH: There always is one.)  What do I get to do, or not do, if I keep the fear?"  (TRUTH: A pattern/belief can never be changed as long as you really believe that changing is more fearful than keeping it.)

  3. Decide if this pattern serves you anymore.  Decide if you want to keep the program, or change it.  If you decide to keep it, observe why, without judgment.

  4. If you decide to change it, decide what you want to change it to.  Be specific.  You must decide on a new belief, a choice for a new perception.  If you willingly choose to believe in a new reality, you can eliminate fear.

  5. State your intention - what you intend to create instead.  Say: "I intend _______."  Your intention must include willingness to allow the change in your life.

  6. Ask Spirit, your Highest Self, for guidance then release control of the manifestation of the intent to Spirit.

  7. Trust.

Fears and erroneous beliefs have supported us, and we tend to want to hold onto them through our anger or other emotional reactions because it's the only way of life we've known.  Fears can be survival tools, but will keep us locked in a lower vibration that doesn't help our life in a positive way.

Control Dramas:
These are energy-sucking ways of behaving, out of fear, that are motivated by a masked desire to control in order to avoid feeling fear.  They are:

  • Being aloof (quiet, non-responsive).
  • Being an interrogator ("Who did this?!  Why did you....?!  Didn't you realize that...?!" etc.).
  • Being an intimidator (one's energy makes others feel afraid - backing people down).
  • Being someone who creates confusion for others (gets them off center).
  • Being in victim consciousness ("Feel sorry for me because _______").

If I find myself worried or fearful about what other people think of me, the mirror of that is: I am in judgment of myself, believing that I am not acceptable as I am.

If I am in fear, I am actually holding a belief that I am inadequate to deal with something.

A fear of judgment is actually a desire for unconditional love.

If I am in pain (physical or emotional), I am in resistance to something.  One way I can identify that resistance is when I honestly ask myself, "What am I getting by holding onto my pain?"

If I am in pain, I am judging.  I can, instead, move to acceptance.  I can choose to see everything as perfect.  I can ask, "What is the gift of the mirror for me here?  What lesson am I wanting to teach myself through this experience?"

Change the perception that there was any damage done in a given situation.  If I am the creator, then I created that situation for some reason, some higher purpose.  What was the reason?  There is no war happening, unless I create one by my perception.

If I am in resistance to something, I am trying to be in control and fearing a loss of power. It is a false belief that I can, or will, lose power, because:

When I identify with God, and know that I AM God, I AM POWER.  God can never be disconnected from Power, and neither can I, although I can choose to believe that I can be disconnected.

When I create responding from Peace and living in higher vibrational states, I will then create a reality that will mirror that higher vibrational state.

The role of the ego:
It is the ego which allows us to be in this reality of duality.  It is what holds the Illusion in place.  The purpose of duality is to offer choice by comparison. It helps us decide what we want to experience in this lifetime in order to learn what we have come forth to learn so that we are able to accomplish our Purpose for being here.

The Higher Truth is larger than, bigger than, either side of duality.  It is the point in the middle, the zero point, the neutral point where there is no attachment. It is the point of integration of duality.

Final Suggestions:
I must honor where someone is in their development, what lessons they have set up for themselves to master, even if I would choose to do it differently.

Using these principles will help me to allow others to express themselves, while I remain at peace.

Accept all as Perfection, as it is, then use your
power of choice to create the reality you prefer.


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