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I'm visualizing abundance but if the money isn't there do we keep forging ahead in a dream world with blinkers on?

heart to heart
Sometimes I find it difficult to live honestly in the here and now, while creating in my mind the life I truly desire...that I am working on manifesting.

I verbalize my daily affirmations. I speak and try to feel abundance, wealth, and prosperity. When my children ask for a new pair of shoes, or basic comforts, I try to answer without speaking from lack, but if the money isn't there... the money isn't there!

I know patience is a virtue, and if I were to think of an elephant, it's a good thing an elephant does not materialize immediately. But when the bills are due and the fridge is bare, do we keep forging ahead in a dream world with blinders on? Or do we step back, lower our expectations and lifestyle, and say no to our desires for yet another month, or year, or more?

Wallace's reply
Wallace Having money is like wearing shoes. Too much money is like a shoe that is loose and floppy, too little and the shoe nips and pinches. We need just the right amount of money to meet our needs, like a pair of shoes that fit perfectly.

The first step in getting your finances in order is to notice if you are spending on things that you or your family don't really need. If this is the case the correct remedy is to reduce your desires for the unnecessary items - this will reduce your expectations and you will also be able to live comfortably on less. You will also benefit from having gained greater peace of mind.

On the other hand if you are suffering because there are essential things you or your family need and you are not wasting money, you need to look at ways of bolstering your income or sharing needed resources with others.

Creating a life of material sufficiency can be achieved in many different ways. For example when I lived in Belfast I did not have as much money as I do now so I shared rooms in my house with carefully chosen tenants, who in time became close friends, thus bolstering my income. I was also able to reduce my expenditure when I approached a friend who lived nearby with the idea of sharing the use and cost of running a car. We both had our transport needs met through this arrangement and it enriched our friendship as well. So try and see insufficiency as a challenge to your creativity to attract material needs into your life - and remember to enjoy the challenge, that way your creative ideas and plans will develop more easily.

So to sum up:

Where the shoe is too loose - Identify areas of unnecessary expenditure by seeing how your mind is desiring things of dubious value. Let these desires go, enjoy greater peace of mind and the reduced need for expenditure.

Where the shoe is too tight - Have faith in your God-given creativity to create wealth by earning more or through sharing with other people. Let your imagination rise to the challenge of manifesting material sufficiency and enjoy the feeling of harnessing your creative power.

Further Help and Resources
My book Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off provides insight and training into harnessing your creative power. Creativity is an important aspect of inner guidance and we can all learn to draw on an inexhaustible inner resource of ideas to attract what we need into our lives. In particular see 'Your calling can increase creativity many thousand fold' p.60 and 'Your healing from an inability to solve problems' on p.206.

Remember, we are the channel for our own manifestation - it's not a process of waving a magic wand and watch the goodies arrive. When we are energized toward a vision that is our heart's desire, all kinds of synchronicities will support us, that's the magic part - but it requires motivation and action in the right direction on our own part to get and keep the ball rolling.

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To the reader:
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Kim Veness, August 2008
The person who asked thefollowing question typifies - I think - many people who sincerely and from good honest hearts believe in the abundance philosophy that is being preached by all and sundry these days.

"I know patience is a virtue, and if I were to think of an elephant, it's a good thing an elephant does not materialize immediately. But when the bills are due and the fridge is bare, do we keep forging ahead in a dream world with blinders on? Or do we step back, lower our expectations and lifestyle, and say no to our desires for yet another month, or year, or more?"

You didn't answer her question. You gave her basic financial advice. Really, the basics are all that works. Buy low / sell high; earn some / spend less. I too have wondered the same question as the person quoted above. Just as there is a fine line between madness and genius there is also a fine line between living as if and denial. Much of what is taught is bunk and all of us have to slug it out for ourselves as to what works for us or not. I think the best advice I have ever heard is from the late U.S. Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale when he was asked how he made it through prison camp in Viet Nam where optimists died by the score, "You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end - which you cannot afford to lose - with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality whatever they might be."

Living in the power of the moment means living honestly, but I don't believe you can live honestly in the moment without faith.

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