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Transform your Home Page to Pull Sales with Passion Copywriting

Transform your Home Page to Pull Sales with
Passion Copywriting
Judy Cullins c 2003 All Rights Reserved.

If you are like many professionals, you know your subject, you
are an expert in your field. You are even passionate about it!
What you may not know is how to tell people about your services
and products to get them to buy.

Your home page needs passion. You have only 10 seconds or
so to impress your visitor. Make sure you don't have long
paragraphs of bio or description of your mission, service, or
book. Visitors, who really are potential clients or customers,
want to know what's in it for them. Make every word count.

Place the most important messages in the top half of your Web
home page.

"How to Transform your Home Page to Pull Sales With Passion

1. Prepare a list of benefits for each product or service. Some of
the top benefits are making money, saving money, creating loving
relationships, saving time, disappointment--anything that solves
the person's particular problem. Be sure to survey your friends
and associates, ask them to vote on which phrases compel them
to buy. Ask them to add words or phrases that would convince
them. Benefits sell.

2. Prepare a list of features. These describe your products and
services. They are the parts of your book such as charts, tips
and how-to's. These are the ways you can help your clients
such as phone coaching or teleclasses.

Choose the best five benefits and features. Combine them.
For example: "Seven Ways/Steps to Quadruple your Online
Sales Within Four Months." The ways or steps are the feature,
the specific benefit is "quadruple sales within four months."

2.. Include a benefit-driven headline for each product or service.

Remember, your visitors are thinking, "So, what? Why should I
buy this?" They are easily distracted, so you need to grab them
by the collar with your headline. Your dazzling headline can
include a specific benefit, can ask a question, or make an
outrageous claim you can prove. Remember to speak to your
audience's problem or challenge and give them a reason to buy.

Sample headlines: "Imagine Yourself a Published Author in Just
One Month!" or "Enjoy Leap Out of Bed Energy" or "Make
Decisions with Confidence and Ease."

If you have a product you want to sell, place that headline at the
very top--even above your opening question or statement.

You can even use a testimonial as your headline. The whole
phrase can be the link to your product.

Include another headline for your service. If it's coaching or
consulting try something like this, "Let the Book Coach Make
Your Book Dream a Reality," or "Pull Ongoing, Lifetime Profits by
Marketing Your Products with Online Promotion."

If you want to boost subscribers to your ezine, first give it a
catchy name. Then put a short testimonial from an expert in the
field near the place to subscribe. Another proven technique is to
include an offer of a free report with each subscription. Potential
customers come to your site for free information, not to buy your
product. Be patient with this process because after your visitors
know and trust you, they are be likely to buy.

Be sure to add a notice: "Please bookmark this site, we upload
new material every two weeks." Or, "If you like this Web site,
send this page to a friend or associate." Of course, have your
Web master include the correct links.

3. Include a short piece about yourself--maybe three or four
lines. Web visitors don't care about you. They want to know what
you can do for them.

4. Include 3-5 questions you think your potential buyer has and
that you have the answers for. Offer a link to your service page.

Wondering what these benefit statements (links) connect to?
Your award-winning, "what's in it for me" sales letter of course,
but that's another article.

Think passion and benefits when you revise your Web home
page. Make sure it's fast loading and easy to read. Get feedback
from others to make sure your Web home page gives what your
potential customers want.

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