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Here's How Writing Articles Can Vastly Improve Your Online Business

Today it's getting harder and harder to get relevant traffic to your web sites and to convince those visitors to buy from or through you. Depending on your niche the SEO tactics can fail because so many people are doing the same and it is getting more and more popular to "instantly" build search engine friendly pages and "steal" traffic from legitimate bisinesses.

Here's where article marketing comes into play. Very few people will go about to write articles and even if they do, if they aren't experts on the subject, their articles will get little to no response.

That's how you can distinguish yourself from the others in your niche and in a very short time start dominating your market.

First, you must write some articles. Take about two hours per article to write really good content articles. About 1500 words will do very well. Then submit them to e-zines and web sites for publishing. Include your resource box at the end of each article to get free advertising.

Also submit your articles to print publications that pay for submissions. You can make extra income getting paid as a freelance writer. Your articles must be of good quality, but you don't have to be a professional writer to publish them! Many people make the mistake of thinking they can't do it. You can and should. Before you do, decide exactly what you want your end result from publishing an article to be.

For example: I set a goal to get 1000 visitors to my blog at and at least 200 new subscribers to my "straight to the point" marketing newsletter in five days as a result of this article. You should do the same. Be specific.

Post your articles in related online communities. This can give you free advertising in newsgroups, forums and e-mail discussion lists. Create a blog and post your articles there. Search engines love blogs and you'll get more free traffic doing it.

Also create an article directory on your web site. People will visit your web site to get the free information. You can give people an instant article directory. Tell visitors they can instantly add a free article directory to their web site by linking to yours. All those links can add up to a large amount of traffic to your web site.

After you've written a few such high quality articles, you can combine them into a free e-book. You can place your business ad in the e-book. Give it away to visitors and allow them to do the same to multiply your advertising. Sometimes even allow people to include your articles in their free e-books.

A good alternative is to combine a few of your articles together into a free report. Give away the free report as a bonus for buying your main product or service.

Why not let people access your articles by autorepsonder. Be sure to Include your full page e-mail ad with the article.

Finally, after some time you could even publish a book with all your articles and make extra money selling the book from your web site.

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