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Analysis of a Topic: Writing Essays and Term Papers

Analyzing a topic is often the first step in researching an essay or term paper. It describes and defines a topic and its importance. Does the topic have value? Why should it be discussed? Answering these questions is important in an analysis of a topic. An analysis of a topic often compares items with others so in many ways an analysis of a topic can be compared to a comparison/contrast essay or it can be described as a descriptive essay. The purpose of an analysis of a topic essay is exactly what it states, which is to analyze the specific item, idea, article, etc.

Often an analysis essay is done with articles, stories, or books. It begins with a short summary of the book. The writer usually begins with what they have read, and then dissects it to state how he/she feels about the book. Do they agree with the author? What types of emotions does the book create in the reader? The analysis should include characters, plots, themes, and the purpose of the story or book. The analysis should provide a rational appeal as to why the writer is making the analysis of the book.

An example of an analysis of a topic essay can be done with the story of Cinderella. Who are the main characters in Cinderella? What is the plot? Why are the wicked sisters so mean to Cinderella? Who is the wicked stepmother? What happens after the clock strikes midnight? What does the prince use to find Cinderella? What emotions does the story of Cinderella bring to the reader? Could this story be true? Why or Why not? What themes are found in the story of Cinderella?

Simple questions lead the writer of the essay to answer these questions in an analysis of the story. Often the best way to do an analysis of a story or book is to create questions to be answered. What is the purpose of the book? What characters are important in the story? Do you like the way the author told the story?

No two people will write an analysis of a story the same. It is similar to a book report in that it gives facts about the story or book. It goes farther than a book report in that it does a personal analysis of the way the writer of the essay sees the events in the story. In many ways an analysis of a topic can be creative in that no two people would ask the same questions or look at the same two things in an analysis.

The best way to begin an analysis of a subject, place, article, or book is to brainstorm as many features of the item as possible. Why is the analysis to be made? Why does the instructor want the analysis to be done? What are the main characteristics of the item? Who are the characters in the story? Why are these characters important?

Brainstorming will help the writer of the essay to be as creative as he/she wants or to keep it as simple as he/she may want.

Create an outline with the thesis and main points of the story or book. The five-paragraph essay is perfect for this type of essay. Use a hook or attention getter to open the essay. State the thesis. Have three main points to support the thesis. End with a conclusion that leaves a take-away value.

Articles and books are often the topic of most analyses essays. However, some instructors assign analyses of a topic to see how well students understand what is being discussed in class or even a portion of the lesson. Knowing how to analyze a topic is important. Often employees are required to write analyses of different items or even a contract that has been written.

Custom analysis essays and term papers are often used in various careers, as different employees are required to write about an item they sell, something they plan to purchase, contracts, or etc. The ability to write a custom analysis essay or research paper will be important in the future of most students.

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