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Facial Hair Removal, Threading

By John Lim

If You Are Unhappy With All The Other Facial Hair Removal Methods, Then Threading Could Just Be What You Are Looking For.

Many people with unwanted facial hair seek removal simply because of aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Today, our culture views hair growth in certain areas such as the underarms, bikini lines, legs and back as unattractive. Facial hair removal can now be removed in a variety of ways. The cost, safety, effectiveness, and ease of use of the various facial hair removal methods, as well as the area and amount of hair growth to be treated, are some factors to consider in choosing a method and deciding whether to go to a professional.

Bollywood brows have overtaken Brazilian bikini lines as the hottest depilatory fad. Beauty therapists have said that this facial hair removal technique, which is usually used on the face, rather than the more delicate parts, is less painful, more precise and more natural than waxing. Threading is quicker and less likely to irritate the skin.

Threading's evolution from ethnic to hip status is being replicated around the world. Celebrities reported to have regular threading appointments include Brad Pitt, Glen Close, Reese Witherspoon, Liz Hurley, Heather Graham, Cher and Selma Hayek. And magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Glamour have all featured this facial hair removal treatment.

There are numerous salons featuring this facial hair removal and the threading trainees are usually certified after three to four weeks. However, it often took a little more time before they become skilled in the art of threading. Some people pick it up this facial hair removal technique fast, others take a little longer. Basically it's at your own pace. Unlike waxing, which can be messy and time consuming, threading requires no external products. You only need a 100% cotton thread and a minimal amount of time.

Regular threading can maintain a clean, sharp appearance of the eyebrow, without the common irritation and puffiness from facial waxing and other facial hair removal techniques. The popularity of this type of facial hair removal can be due to the increasing number of American women who wanted to thread facial hair had a lot to do with a growing fascination with the East.

Especially over the past few years - with yoga and Ayurveda coming into popular culture, Asia is becoming very trendy. Women are looking for interesting ways to interpret Eastern ways into their beauty regimes, such as the threading art of facial hair removal.

But in the end, for most women, the decision to swap waxing for a cotton string came down to one thing - the most amazing arched eyebrows from threading.

About The Author

John Lim

Suffering from unwanted facial hair? Discover how you can remove facial hair effortlessly and effectively at


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