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Finally, Women Have the Advantage

By Jennifer Lester

Throughout history women have had to fight harder then men in politics, the workplace, and even relationships. We still don't see a woman president, and it was much later that women won the right to vote then men. In the workplace we often find we have to work harder then a man in the same position to make the same amount of money. As far as relationships went, by tradition we had to wait. Wait for someone to ask us out and wait for someone to propose marriage. Well, times are changing.

One of the big changes that we see is in dating. In dating now, women feel freer to be the aggressor. We can ask men out on dates. We can initiate intimate contact. We can even pay for the date (if we want too). We also have the biggest selection of online singles.

In the online dating industry it is statistically true that most services have a higher number of male members then women. That gives us the advantage. We have a larger scope to choose from, and our personal ads get exposed to more men. We can easily initiate first contact or sit back and watch the flood of emails that come in from our personal ad. Then, we can play it out on our terms. Women get to finally start relationships on emotional levels instead of sexual levels (again"if you so choose).

It is a fact that men are driven by sight, while women are driven by feeling. It is no fault of either sex, just a fact of life. In the offline world of dating, face-to-face introductions can easily lead to physical contact too quickly for an emotional baseline to be built. Relationships usually fail when they turn into sexual relationships too soon. Believe me, I know far too well from my own dating experiences.

Online, we have a chance to take our time getting to know someone. Women can keep communication with a man going for as long as she feels the need before she goes out to meet them face to face. This gives us the advantage of getting to know someone, and building something with them before the chance of our own lustful urges giving in. It gives the relationship a chance that it may not have otherwise.

Really, have you ever gone out on a first date and found by the end of the date you were in some type of intimate encounter while you realized you didn't even know where this person grew up? You maybe even didn't know their last name in some cases. Doesn't sound too nice, but it is a fact.

When you date online, you set the boundaries. You get to know as much as they will share with you and if it is not enough, you never have to leave the safety of your own home to meet them. When you do meet them, you already have information about them and their feelings that will nurture the emotional needs we have as women. You would not usually have that offline.

The butterflies are still there. The excitement of meeting someone new and the prospect of new love are still there. Instead of waiting for a phone to ring, you find yourself checking your emails more often. With the right man on the other end, you will never find your mailbox empty.

Jennifer Lester is an online dating expert who offers her advice and guidance through the world of online dating at her web site: - The tour guide to your online dating experience.


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